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Children's dentist. general practitioner Biysk

Biysk work-fresh vacancies from direct employers on Internet, as the work of ru and salary ru

Work in Biysk

Requirements: Responsibilities are required: work as a loader-handicker in production, in warehouses, in the city. Passing and loading of bags, boxes, furniture. Conditions: Work on contractual terms Category: vacancies. Working schedule: Smecked schedule. Work experience: does not matter

Children's dentist. general practitioner Biysk

Description of the employer: Dental clinic of LLC Profi-Studition offers a vacancy of a children's dentist and stom. Prophet Requirements: Special medical education responsibility: prevention, treatment of children and adults: outpatient technique category: vacancies. Schedule.

In a storage-machine organization, they are used to work on the altai clock, the publicity and the hovibir. Pitani, priority, a job for compans. The sausage of 1000p. DO 4000r. per day, in the dependent on the completion of the field of work. Swolf salary 2 pas in.

Description of the employer: Requirements: Responsibilities: Conditions: Category: vacancies. Work schedule: Full day. Work experience: does not matter

Students are three. The service of the Domavka requires teachings for the experience without experience. Mi, fucking ite, Yapon, Panasis Kuxne. This is the same to get experience and the same time. Tip: the presence of a sanitar book. Provided: prepared dishes.

Description of the employer: required for permanent residence. Requirements: Responsibilities: Animal Care conditions: House, bathhouse on the banks of the river. Category: vacancies. Work schedule: Remote work. Work experience: does not matter

Painter in the carpentry shop Biysk

Painting of carpentry: doors, windows, furniture, stairs, etc. Salary piece category: vacancies. Work schedule: Full day. Work experience: more than 1 year

Sales Consultant Biysk

If you are cheerful, responsible, love care and are ready to carry good, you to us! Responsibilities: retail sale of natural products of Altai manufacturers with good and care for our customers! Conditions: full time, graph 2/2, payment: salary +% category: vacancies. Schedule.

Requirements: desire to work in this area of ​​responsibility: preparation with a soul according to technical cards. Conditions: friendly team, timely payment of the SP (2 times a month). Graph 3/3. From 09.00 to 22.30. Delivery by service transport. Work experience is welcome. San Book is required! Category.

Assistant locksmith (hydraulic repair) Biysk

Slikar's pomber (repair of hydraulics of the quipsters and reflective parties). TPEARITIONS: responsibility, training, and to fulfill, yellow to slave and get used to it. Locked: Montazh/Demonstration of Knots and Agegates. UC: weekly soda, a fifth -day western week. AT.

Cashier Biysk

We’ll give a cacious to the branded magazine, the 254 struggle chemistry in the Magazin of the Magazin of Tovapov on St. Merlin, 51 experience, is not accurately studying, is not in the same place. TREENSIVITY: -strap -Akcuvity -ENTECTION OF THE PROTECTION: -Onity.

Employer description: furniture production Requirements: executive, responsible, punctual Responsibilities: assembly of cabinet furniture Conditions: weekly piecework wages, official employment is possible Category: vacancies. Work schedule: full day. Experience: more than 1 year

Seamstress Biysk

Description of the employer: production of children's outerwear KID-STYLE salary from 15,000 to 25,000 depending on experience. Requirements: responsibility Responsibilities: seamstress for the process Conditions: employment Category: vacancies. Work schedule: full day. Experience: more than 1 year

For a permanent job, we need a loader in our store of building materials and household goods. Payment is decent and always on time. Call. You can find out the address of a specific store where an employee is required from the head of the enterprise. Come to a meeting with the leader you.

Sales Specialist (possible part-time job) Biysk

There is free time and a desire to earn money Sales are interesting, but without experience they don’t take anywhere For our team it doesn’t matter what experience you have in sales and how old you are. We will teach everything from scratch by our own example. We will train you quickly and efficiently (on average, internal training lasts.

Students are required. The delivery service requires cook apprentices with no work experience. We will teach Italian, Japanese, Pan-Asian cuisine. This is a great opportunity to gain experience and further employment. Requirements: the presence of a sanitary book. Responsibilities: Cooking meals according to.

Loader for production (Watch) Biysk

Lux Boda has been successfully developing for 19 years! In connection with the growth of production volumes, loaders-handymen on a rotational basis are required in Chelyabinsk. Call anytime! We give you: – Free meals in your own dining room, for non-residents – accommodation in a hostel on the territory.