Boxing for beginner adults: how to start training for a beginner

Boxing is one of the oldest martial arts.

It is quite tough, traumatic, but it brings up tremendous fortitude and the will to win in a person. It is an Olympic sport, and its history goes back many thousands of years. The story began in ancient Egypt and over time took on various forms. The modern version is known to almost every martial arts lover – the ring, two athletes, a judge, spectators and a heavy confrontation between athletes until the last gong. It is this sport that attracts the attention of millions of adult fans around the world who rejoice and worry about their idols. Therefore, almost every guy dreams of being able to fight like Alli and perform on world stages, delighting his loyal fans.

Therefore, many people have questions: “How to start boxing?” and “Is it worth doing it at all?”.

Everyone has their own reasons due to which he starts to do this or that sport. This article will help a potential beginner understand – “is there a need to start boxing training?”.

How to start boxing?

To begin with, let’s determine the pros (advantages of training), whether it is worth doing this for an adult: This discipline allows you to develop defense skills. After all, self-defense is extremely important in our time and a guy needs to be able to stand up for himself and for his neighbor in various situations. Physical strength and mental state develop, a person becomes more self-confident and strong. The main rule of boxers is “leave aggression in the gym”, so boxers are more stress-resistant in everyday life.

The basics of boxing for beginners first of all begins with the choice of a group – individual or group training. Individual lessons allow you to more accurately focus on problematic moments, you can work with a coach, practicing strength or speed elements. At the same time, the trainer will help you choose an individual training plan. Classes in groups allow you to work out elements together – sparring or work on the paws. Group training is extremely useful for a beginner, as a person, seeing examples of strong boxers, strengthens the development of elements with each training session, honing his skills and proving it in the ring together with his partners. Among other things, team exercises also make the process of training more fun and interesting.

The basics of boxing for beginners consist of important elements boxing stance

Boxing for beginners is associated with the concept of a stance – after all, the stance is key. First of all, having come to a training session at a boxing school, a novice adult boxer will be taught the movement in defense or attack in a stance. It helps to protect the body and head, and the hands are in a position that allows you to instantly counterattack the enemy. Gradually, step by step, it will develop, and the movements will be sharper. Classic boxing stance – you need to stand on half-bent legs, the toe of the front leg and the heel of the back leg should gravitate towards the central part in order to maintain the desired balance. The chin should “look down” and the head should be behind the gloves.