Popular sports among teenagers

Sports for teenagers

Popular sports among teenagers

Being athletic is fashionable today. Young people have picked up on this trend, and many of them prefer sports to anything else. They also actively attend various sporting events, pre-purchasing tickets for sports.

What sports are popular among young people? Of course, one of the most popular sports is football. If we compare his popularity in England and Russia, then English youth shows more interest in football. But nevertheless, football in Russia holds one of the first places in terms of popularity, which is largely due to its increased quality.

Interest in figure skating remains traditionally high in Russia. In the light of the latest achievements of Russian figure skaters, this interest is fully justified. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to practice this sport professionally due to the fact that not every city has specialized sports complexes and qualified coaches.

One of the favorite sports for young people is parkour. Parkour classes allow you to fully reveal the physical abilities of a person, become dexterous and enduring. This sport is quite extreme and even life-threatening for an unprepared person. That is why you can do it only after reaching the age of 16.

Of the water sports, windsurfing is gaining popularity among young people.

According to fans of this sport, it charges with adrenaline and gives incomparable emotions. The main qualities for a good windsurfer are a well-developed vestibular apparatus, strong hands and a “cool head”.

Hockey is one of the ten most popular sports. Young people play hockey with pleasure, go to matches, buying tickets at the box office or specialized portals such as www.borchat.ru, watching TV broadcasts.

Another sport that has recently become popular is paintball. This gambling sports game attracts more and more fans both among young people and older people.

If we consider the situation as a whole, it becomes clear that todays youth are more attracted to extreme sports that are associated with speed – snowboarding, windsurfing, parkour, skiing, etc. However, this is not surprising, because we live in an age of cosmic speeds, and the frantic pace of life dictates its own rules in sports.