How to bet on boxing?

How to bet on boxing?

Most viewers just enjoy professional fights, others have learned to earn good money on their hobby with the help of bets.

In this article, we will talk about the features of betting in boxing, so that the next time you decide to bet on Usyk or your other favorite, you have a much better chance of success.

The main types of outcomes of a boxing match


Many fans of football, basketball and similar team sports will find it difficult at the initial stage of mastering boxing bets. If everything is as simple as possible there (who scored / scored more goals, he won), then in boxing, victory is a more diverse concept. A boxer can win or lose for a number of very different reasons.

Therefore, before you start betting on boxing, it is important to understand the list of possible outcomes of the fight.

An athlete can win or lose in a fight through:

  1. knockout (abbreviation – KO) – the fall of one of the athletes, which leads to the fact that he cannot rise without assistance for more than 10 seconds;
  2. technical knockout (abbreviation – TKO) – stopping the fight by the referee of the fight due to the fact that a significant injury received by one of the athletes interferes with the fight and (or) threatens health towel);
  3. draw on points (abbreviation – D) – the allotted time of the fight is over and when calculating the results from three independent judges, it turned out that the boxers have an equal number of points;
  4. technical decision (abbreviation – TD) – the outcome of the fight is determined by the actual points in the fight that were received before the injury (it differs from TKO by the presence of unintentional injury by one or two athletes at once);
  5. disqualification (DISQ) – one of the fighters for one reason or another is disqualified by the judges.

The first four of these types of outcome of a boxing match are universal for any regulatory bodies in the field of this sport. According to the purpose of the technical solution, there are different types of rules depending on the organization (IBF, WBC, WBO and others). In this regard, most bets are accepted on the outcomes described at the beginning of the list.