Golf betting: statistics, strategies, tournaments

The largest golf tournaments. Geography of sports

Professional tours exist in almost every corner of the planet. Asian and Japanese tours, Canadian and Australo-Asian tours are known. The largest and most famous are the European Tour and the American PGA, and it is with them that beginners should start.

The European tour lasts throughout the year, and its geography does not end with Europe. His tournaments are held in South Africa, China, India, Australia and many other countries.

  • The PGA tour takes place between January and November. Golf, like tennis, is divided into four majors:
  • US Masters, which takes place in April.
  • US Open – takes place in June.
  • The Open Championship, or as it is also called, the British Open – in July.
  • US PGA Championship – in August.

Often tournaments of professional players are four-day competitions.

The task that the athletes face at this time is to overcome 72 holes. The tournament is divided into four rounds. At the end of all rounds, the golfer with the fewest shots is the winner.

There are also tournaments that have more intense and faster regulations. In them, athletes compete with each other according to the knockout system.

Types of golf bets

Tournament victory. This line is the most popular among bookmakers. For the players, it is not very simple, since the forecast is not unambiguous. 200 golfers are allowed to participate in tournaments, so it is very difficult to make the right choice.

However, among such a large number of applicants, the choice of real winners is narrowing. However, the coefficients are not too high. In addition to bets, bookmakers offer bets that a particular golfer will not win a particular tournament. This feature increases the chances of making a winning bet.

Winning at the tournament stage. Athletes who are now in the status of star players were not always such and started their careers from somewhere. Therefore, you can bet on an average-level golfer and get your winnings already at the first stage of the competition.

Getting to the top.

Quite often, bookmakers offer a line to hit a golfer in an impromptu top, for example, top 5, top 10. This option is good when you have enough confidence in a particular athlete, and you are not a fan of taking risks with a bet. Such a bet reinsures the player well.

Comparison of golfers. For all individual sports, this rate is standard. The bet assumes that the player makes a prediction for one of the two proposed golfers: which of them will be more worthy in the final classification.

The best among compatriots. Such a line is very unusual, but still found in the major tournaments of the European Tour and PGA. The bet is that it is necessary to determine the best athlete according to the final table, for example, the best American, Swede, etc. The golfer is selected from a list of players from a certain country, which is widely represented in the tournament