Women are increasingly making sports bets.

Women are increasingly making sports bets. Bookmakers of the USA and Australia intend to use this

The 2023 Football Championship among women should provide a breakthrough in the world of female betting.

The number of people interested in womens football, according to analysts, is growing exponentially. The previous World Cup broke all records for the size of the audience. According to the chief consultant 1710 Gaming Tina Takur-Rankin, this is due to the request of society for gender equality. And it, in turn, pours out the growth of the number of women who make bets on football and sport in general.

One billion people followed the female World Cup 2019 in France, and 2023 in Australia should collect the audience twice as much. And this is a cautious forecast. Most likely, the jump will be even sharper.

“When even the Middle East, known for the suppression of womens rights, uses female football as an illustration of new liberal values, says this a lot,” Takur-Rankin believes. – The same Saudis launched a program in which women were allowed to drive a car, attend movies and football matches. And there they hired an experienced trainer from the Bundesliga to create their own female league. ”

So Australia will not miss the opportunity to popularize womens football at the expense of the World Cup 2023.

And this tournament, according to Takur-Rankin, will become an “perfect storm” to increase the number of weaker bettors. It turns out that according to statistics, women on average earn more men on bets. At the same time, they are more interesting to put on womens football than on a male one.

“Making bets on womens teams, you support the trend for gender equality”-this formula, according to Takur-Rankin, will be used by bookmakers. That is why in Australia and the USA they expect a significant expansion of the female segment in bets. And this is reflected on the bookmaker, where you can increasingly see tournaments in womens football, the popularity of which is growing like yeast.