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The fastest Russian Railways train covers it in 3 hours 5 minutes, and the slowest in 3 hours 13 minutes.

Serpukhov – Zmievka train timetable and ticket prices





The cheapest train ticket to Zmievka costs 624 rubles. For this price, you can come to the city from Serpukhov by fast train 723M Moscow – Kursk. It leaves Serpukhov at 18:51 and after 3 hours 10 minutes at 22:01 arrives in Zmievka.

The most expensive train ticket to Zmievka costs 1,276 rubles. This is a ticket for the Sidyachiy car of the 715V Moscow-Kursk branded fast train, departing from Serpukhov at 18:51. The train is on the way for 3 hours 13 minutes and arrives at the station at 13:22.