Sport is a family business

Before meeting her husband, Galina preferred music and dancing.

The husband, who from childhood was fond of football, hockey, athletics and other purely “boyish” activities, managed to instill in her an interest in an active lifestyle. Now the best rest for the whole family is active rest: skating, cycling, with a soccer ball – on the field or swimming – on the water.

Now the eldest of the Makeevs sons, Egor, is already an eleventh grader, and pleases his parents with school and sports achievements. It is difficult to say how many athletics competitions, football tournaments he has on his account, how many times he defended the honor of his native school named after A. S. Pushkin and the entire region in various competitions.

In addition, for several years now, Yegor has been a player in the Trubchevsk Vympel hockey team. As part of the team, he performed on the ice rinks not only in Trubchevsk, but also in Bryansk, Smolensk, Orel, etc. And once upon a time, his father, a three-year-old baby, took him on the ice for the first time and handed him a hockey stick. By the way, Sergei Makeev also plays hockey with the guys from the adult

Vympel team in his free time.

The youngest man in the Makeev family, Vanya, is now in anticipation of one of the most important events of his life: he is preparing to go to first grade. But he already has experience of participating in hockey battles. Yes, yes – Ivan also plays for Trubchevs Vympel hockey club. Only, unlike his older brother, he began his career as a hockey player not on a courtyard court fenced with a wooden fence, but on a modern ice rink: an ice palace had just opened in Trubchevsk.

Ivan was solemnly initiated into hockey players, and Galina became the chairman of the parent committee of the young hockey team.

Almost every evening, when the weather permits, the Makeevs go in full force to the local Nerussa stadium, where they are happy to kick the ball, the guys hone their football skills, and the parents also try to keep themselves in shape with physical exercises.

According to Sergey and Galina, no matter how busy a person is, you can always set aside a couple of hours a day to spend them with your family, in the fresh air, doing outdoor activities.
“We really like to participate in various family relay races, such as “Dad, Mom, I am a sports family”, “Dad can”, sports competitions, tournaments,” says Galina. “We try to educate children in such a way that they themselves want to go in for sports, lead a healthy lifestyle. And the best way to do this is by your own example.It is nice that among our friends there are also families separating our hobbies.