Trend sports areas in Brest.

Sooner or later, any girl thinks about her parameters, and, as a result, about sports.

However, how hard, sometimes, to force yourself to go for exhausting training or an early climb for the sake of morning run. Our fitness centers say no dull sports! Now it is not necessary to force yourself to “carry iron” until blue, sport is not torment. “Sports are entertainment” – the creators of new areas in sports are hinting. Now you can combine fitness with dancing, yoga, or even ballet. The Fly Yoga becomes especially popular, with the help of which the entire lesson can be imposed in the air in special hammocks. Lets look at the most popular areas that appeared in our city.

So, Fly Yoga

A very interesting direction that combines yoga poses, gymnastic and acrobatic exercises. With the help of Fly Yoga, you can correct the posture, stretch the spine, gain energy and feel the harmony of your body. All exercises are performed using special equipment – a hammock suspended to the ceiling. You literally will soar above the ground, and the lightness that you will experience, lowering the feet to the ground – will be the best pleasure. Lovers of the Fly Yoga argue that after classes they began to feel more femininity, the gait became flying, moving and airy movements. Try it – and you will not regret it!


In fact, a circular training, including cardio, heavy athletics and gymnastics. Initially, it was invented to train firefighters as a quick system of exercises that has exercises for strength, endurance and dexterity. But pretty soon gained popularity among the ordinary population. The program is also provided for women. Important: to master the technique of crossfit, you need to have great desire, patience, willpower and a good coach.


A specially selected system of exercises for stretching ligaments and muscles. Thanks to this system of exercises, you can not only sit on the twine, but also increase the elasticity of the joints and stretch the deep muscles. This area is used to prepare professional athletes for competitions. During exercises, short -term muscle tension alternates with their relaxation.So do not be afraid to overwork or tear off your muscles – the program is selected so that if a good coach is completely safe. Moreover, Stretchig classes are an excellent prevention of cellulite.