Sew sportswear in Moscow: how much does a trim in figure in the talisman studio cost

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Survive sportswear

Sports clothing can be slightly big. However, the difference in size should not create difficulties in sports, interfere with the movement of the arms and legs. If you bought a suit not in size, contact the Talisman studio, where you can sew sportswear in Moscow. The affordable price for all types of services and the efficiency of orders complement high quality work and professionalism of masters.

Features of ceremonies on the figure of clothing for sports

The firmware of sportswear in the figure has several nuances:

  • The sets are sewn from raincoat, knitwear, cotton, and each option has requirements for the quality of the lines and the needles used;
  • belts and cuffs on elastic bands easily bloom at the seams and can burst with inaccurate handling;
  • The seams on the lining should be elastic and soft so that they do not break and rub the skin;
  • Compliance with the corporate identity should be impeccable so that the thing does not seem fake.

It is almost impossible to sew even on the size of shorts or trousers at home. You will certainly encounter the difficulties of processing the belt and the need to reduce the lining. Violation of the sequence of work – the direct path to damage to the product, like rough curtains along the side seams through along with the lining.

Atelier services Talisman

Sports equipment requires contacting the studio. You do not have to delve into especially sewing and its difficulties, you will just bring a thing and after a while take it. Masters will solve all issues with the selection of threads and preserving the logos, as well as, if you need it, they will repair pockets, replace the zipper on the jacket, correct other flashes of socks.

To find out how much a barking of sportswear costs in figure, come to the Talisman studio. Our services are inexpensive and allow you to improve quality and extend the service life of costumes for sports. You do not have to buy a new one, which means you to spend extra money. We will be happy to offer you the most affordable methods for remaking and complete the order for the agreed period.