Top 7 tips from the series Game in the Kalmar

We think you have exactly heard about the new series “Game in Kalmar”, which went to Netflix a couple of weeks ago.

The project almost immediately led the TOP 10 around the world, and film critics have already called Squid Game the most successful series of 2021.

But more popular than on the platform itself, the series is considered only in Tiktok. And while some post the video with the main star of the Chon Ho-IN project and with a handsome man from the first series played by Kon Yu, others make up fan theories and draw our attention to those facts that we could skip.

If you have already managed to see the “game in Kalmara”, then we are ready to share the most unexpected tips that the creators of the project prepared for the audience.

The fact that about il is the creator of the game, we could find out in the first series

Yes, for us, too, it was a real surprise to find out that O il to us (or number 001) is the creator of the “game in the squid”. But, as it turned out, the directors of the series did not hide this from us. Even in the first series, when the participants play “You go quieter-you will go further”, we see that they are all highlighted with a bright green color. Everything except one … That's right, we are talking about il Nama. We think that the whole point is that the doll was programmed not to shoot at player 001.

But this is not the only hint that the directors gave us. Remember how the policeman found a folder with information about the participants? So, it starts with player 002, there was no questionnaire about il nam in it.

All participants could find out about games in advance

If the doctor knew that the rules of the next games can be recognized without helping the guards, it is quite possible that he would survive. But, unfortunately, not a single participant has noticed the main hint that was right before his eyes. We are talking about drawings that were hidden behind the beds. In the last series, when only three participants remained in the room, you can see that the walls depict hints to the same games. There is a tug of rope, and sugar honeycombs, and a glass bridge.