Waxy Maize from Prozis Sports, what to expect from the additive?

Waxy Maize from Prozis Sports, what to expect from the additive?

In the world of bodybuilding, when it comes to carbohydrate a quick absorption, we will soon recall Maltodecstrin and Dexhtrose. However, in recent years, it has become known that simple carbohydrates similar to two mentioned are no longer ideal for oral administration, because they greatly change our body. Therefore, they looked for new products and opened new rapidly absorbed carbohydrates, but compounds. And the most important thing is that we know as Waxy Maize, an addition of carbohydrates based on corn.

The wax corn Prozis Sport is declared the following step in the evolution of carbohydrates for athletes involved in power sports. We tested the product and made conclusions. Find out what we found.

What is wax corn?

Translated from Portuguese, “Waxy corn” means “wax corn”. In fact, wax corn is a type of complex carbohydrates, the molecular composition of which is similar to the composition of wax – hence the name “waxy” – and which has a molecular mass 100 times heavier than carbohydrates usually used in energy drinks.

The huge molecular weight of waxy corn is due to the high amylopectin content, a highly branched glucose polymer, which is quickly digested and used in the human body.

Compared to conventional glucose polymers, wax corn is capable of passing the digestive process in the stomach by 80% faster and restore glycogen deposits in the body 70% faster.

For about 10 years, wax corn was used by the community of fitness and bodybuilding practitioners due to its huge ability to restore glycogen in the body. However, only in the last 3-4 years it was distributed among the general public before used only by specialists.

Can wax corn to improve my sporting results?

If you are engaged in any power and/or power sport-for example, bodybuilding, crossfit, heavy athletics, powerlifting, martial arts-then yes, carbohydrates can help with weight loss. performance. Numerous studies prove the speed of waxy corn during the restoration of glycogen in the body.

In fact, wax corn has the ability to restore energy in the body almost immediately after training, that is, much faster than energy and sports drinks that use only simple sugars in their composition.And why is it important? Because, in addition to the restoration of energy, glycemic surge, which is immediately generated by wax corn in plasma, also helps to transport all nutrients from the blood into muscle cells.

Voskovichal corn not only restores energy level after training, but also helps to improve the process of fiber restoration, that is, muscle growth.