In Omsk, a man by the name of the flayer – the incident – the news of St. Petersburg was detained for the mockery of the baby.

In Omsk, for the mockery of the baby, a man was detained by the name of the flayer on the head, turned upside down and shook his 9-month stepson 32-year-old resident of Omsk, reports

In Omsk, a man by the name of the flayer was detained for the mockery of the baby

He beat on the head, turned upside down and shook his 9-month stepson 32-year-old resident of Omsk, the press service of the investigation department in the Omsk region reports. Now the man with the surname the flayer is detained, a criminal case has been opened against him under the article “Torture” and are preparing to take into custody.

The man was mocking the baby for a whole week, from January 26 to February 1, while the baby was not at home – in November, a family with three children moved to Omsk from Nizhnevartovsk, and the woman returned to the north to issue a manual. All this time, screams, children's crying and obscene abuse came from the apartment, NGS55 writes.

The boy got to the hospital on February 2 in serious condition. Doctors diagnosed him with a closed head injury, subdural hematoma and cramps. The rest of the children were placed in a specialized child’s house.

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