The gym helps residents of big cities and tiny towns to keep fit.

With the widespread promotion of a healthy lifestyle, this issue has become even more relevant. However, not everyone has the opportunity, time and money to visit fitness centers where professional trainers work. Yes, this is not necessary if you know what it is – a street workout that came to us from poor American suburbs.

Today, there are several such power sports practiced right on the street, and the choice is yours.


To play sports, keeping your body in full shape, you only need desire. Everything else can be found in any yard. Anyone can do workout, regardless of gender or age, if there are no direct contraindications. The only obstacle may be health problems, and even then, this is a very conditional concept. After all, modern medicine can help in most cases.

Ghetto Workout or Street Workout – what is it? This is a modern youth trend in sports, a kind of street gymnastics. It can be attributed to amateur sports, ordinary physical education, or even clothed in the form of some kind of subculture. Many consider street athletics a special philosophy, an aspect of the worldview. Its main idea is considered to be the possibility, without additional investment of money, using yard devices, to gain confidence, strength, and then change life for the better.


Understanding what kind of sport it is – workout, you should always start with what it can give a person. It involves performing a variety of exercises, both without special devices and with them. Bars, horizontal bars, handrails, rings, Swedish walls are used, which can be found in inconspicuous courtyards everywhere. At the heart of all exercises is competent work with your own weight, when there is nothing else at hand. They help to “build” an athletic figure, to give it physical performance.


All you need to do a workout is comfortable sneakers or sneakers, as well as a sports uniform. Moreover, if you want to work out in old sweatpants with extended knees, then you can safely do it. On the street, you don’t have to pay for the services of trainers, work on expensive equipment, and the results are just as good. And this does not mean that you do not invest in physical improvement – it is not. After all, you have invested in it desire, effort, work on yourself.


Grandmothers especially love this slogan, actively stuffing their children with pastries, but in fact it is more relevant than ever. People are mired in a total rush with a sedentary lifestyle. Fitness will help keep yourself in shape, increase your physical strength, without fear of injury. Exercises are performed without additional weights, weights. In addition, spending time outdoors is always beneficial.