How to drive traffic to betting. Full guide of the arbitrator

Gambling people will always bet, and bookmakers will need new players.

Let’s figure out how to pour profit on sports betting.

Do you want to try your hand at betting traffic arbitrage? The right decision! Betting is one of the affiliate marketing verticals that stays up and running no matter what. Gambling people will always bet, and bookmakers will need new players.

Betting vertical – what is it?

People have been betting on sports since primitive times, and nothing has changed. Excitement and the desire to make a profit still attract many players to bet on sports.

For ordinary people, betting begins and ends with bets on sports events: football matches, major fights, Olympic results. In fact, the betting vertical is much wider: it includes eSports betting.

How to drive traffic to esports?

Esports is a competition between people or teams in popular video or computer games for big wins.

One of the benefits of esports is that players can be anywhere. As well as viewers who, thanks to streams, can watch the game from anywhere in the world.

The number of eSports fans is growing every year. For example, in the US, esports has surpassed the super-popular NBA and NHL finals in terms of the number of viewers.

The best geos for esports

Esports has found the greatest popularity in highly developed countries: the USA, Canada, European countries.

Very active fans live in China, Singapore and South Korea, however, it will be a little harder to work there because of the language barrier: not everyone is subject to hieroglyphs, and English-language advertising is inferior in performance to native languages.

Take a closer look at the countries of the Middle East – there are also eSports fans there.

Top esports games

There are hundreds of different games suitable for esports, but the most popular and common are:

  • League of Legends
  • CS:GO
  • Dota 2
  • Starcraft

Don’t forget about sports game simulators (eg FIFA, for example).

How to choose an offer and GEO for betting

The first thing to start with is choosing the right offer. You need to pay attention to the conditions, payment model and GEO. According to the conditions, everything is simple, you need to make sure that the offer accepts traffic from push notifications.

In fact, betting traffic can be obtained not only on push notifications, but also on Facebook and even on SEO traffic, but it will be easiest to do this on push notifications and the probability of bans and other related difficulties is lower.

The most common payment models in betting:

CPA – registration fee and deposit.

RevShare – payment of a percentage of the bookmaker’s earnings.

Hybrid — a fixed payment for registration and deposit + a percentage of the bookmaker’s earnings.

There are also offers with CPL (payment for registration) and CPI (fee for installing the application). Now such offers are very rare, and it’s quite difficult to get them for push traffic.