Football Bets

Football is the most popular sport among fans and bettors.

Most betting enthusiasts start with this sport. We will tell you everything you need to know to make a successful football bet.

Football betting
Football betting – features
When choosing bets on football, you need to take into account a number of general rules for all sports. The first and most important rule: betting is a hobby, not a way to earn money. Therefore, it is not worth spending more money on gambling at bookmakers than you can afford for entertainment.

For the correct choice of football sports betting, the following recommendations should be considered:

bet only on those sports and tournaments that you follow and understand;
do not bet at random, analyze the event, study information about the match;
control the bank and rationally determine the amount of the bet.
We will tell you more about each rule and its application in football betting, but for now let’s look at the types of bets.

Football betting types

There are about two thousand markets in the betting line for a football match of a major tournament. Even in the painting of the match of the third league of Japan, the office offers more than 200 betting options. Let’s talk about each type of bet separately.


Ordinary is the simplest and most understandable type of football betting. A single bet is called a bet on one outcome (the victory of one of the teams, total, handicap, exact score, etc.). The bet is calculated easier than other types: the bet amount is multiplied by the odds.

For singles, you should not take outcomes with low odds of 1.2-1.5. On the one hand, such events have a high chance of passing, but even a couple of losses at such rates will leave the bettor in the red. It will be more effective to play at odds from 1.7.

Do not spend a lot of money on one ordinar. It is better to limit yourself to an amount no more than 7% of the bank. Occasionally it can be increased to 15-20%.

It is most effective to put the ordinaries according to the strategy.

Impulsive and chaotic bets will not lead to a plus.

Bets on the result of the match in regular time
The most obvious type of bet on football is the outcome of regular time. There is a three-way option in the football line. which is denoted as 1×2, where:

1 – victory of the first team in the description of the match;
x – draw;
2 – the victory of the second team in the description of the match.
The calculation of bets on these markets is based on the results of the regular time of the match, excluding extra times and penalty shootouts that occur in playoff games. If in the knockout match the teams do not determine the winner in the regular time of the match and have to play overtime, then the bet on a draw (x) wins.