Betting on basketball: how to bet with bookmakers correctly

Basketball is one of the most popular sports. And in the USA it is loved even more than football.

The famous NBA (National Basketball League) basketball tournament is played there. Basketball betting offices are also in great demand among betting enthusiasts. Betting on basketball is a smart choice if you want to get a stable income from sports betting in the long run. Let’s consider popular betting strategies on basketball matches.

Among other advantages of betting on basketball, it is worth noting:

Many outcomes are equally likely, such as when bets on underdogs can be offset by handicaps;

high limits on maximum bet amounts, especially on top matches of the popular NBA league, where you can deposit several hundred thousand hryvnias;

a low margin on a match with high popularity, due to which the odds on equally likely results can reach 1.95;

High regularity of matches – unlike football, in basketball one team consistently plays 2-3 matches per week, and the off-season breaks are very small.

If you want to win often, placing bets on basketball matches in bookmakers, you need to follow a certain methodology.

Dozens of working strategies have been invented for basketball, but now we will analyze the most popular ones.

“Corridor” in basketball betting
This is the most effective system specifically for basketball. Under certain conditions, it will bring the BC client a guaranteed victory. Using a simple example, we will show the principle of action of this particular strategy.

To play along the “corridor”, the bettor needs to make two bets on the sites of different bookmakers. Suppose you found a corridor in total:

TM 160.5 with a coefficient of 2.0.
TV 155.5 with a ratio of 2.0.
Quotations will not always exceed the 2.0 mark. But if you manage to find odds between 1.80 and 1.99, the Corridor strategy can be used. To win both bets, the basketball game must end with a score between 156 and 160. In this case, odds greater than 2.0 are ideal. But do not forget to analyze this event. The system is well suited for live bets, but the risks in this case are also higher.

Methodology of catching up in playoff matches in the NBA

There is almost never a dry score in the NBA playoff series.

This is explained by the fact that, let’s say, if one team is ahead 3:0, the coach can release the reserve team for the next game. So key players will be rested before more important games in the next round. This is the perfect time to bet on the underdog in the next matches of the series.

It is optimal to start betting already in the second match of the playoff series. If the score becomes 4-0, do not deviate from the plan and continue to bet on the defeat of the favorite in the next rounds of the playoffs. To successfully use the catch-up strategy, choose a bookmaker with high limits on maximum bet amounts.

Bets on plus handicap

Professional privateers very rarely bet on the favorite to win. You won’t earn much on such bets because of very low odds. It is best to analyze the probability of victory of one or another team and then choose a handicap. Indicators for such bets often reach the mark of 1.80-1.90.