Porto – Lokomotiv: Champions League, November 6, 2018, the announcement of the match. Anton Miranchuk became cooler than his brother Alexei. Sport-Express

Mikhail Borzykin talks about the game of Anton Miranchuk, one of the most striking football players of the team Yuri Semin and the entire Premier League.

How Anton Miranchuk became cooler than his brother

Anton Miranchuk scored six goals in the last four matches in which he played. He gained an amazing shape and even overshadowed his brother. Stanislav Cherchesov He included Lokomotiv midfielder in the list of players who will prepare for November matches with Germany and Sweden. It seems that life is getting better, the career again went uphill. Right now Anton is one of the brightest, sharp performers in the Premier League.

True, two points are embarrassed. Firstly, the duration of the decline: both brothers were not in form in virtually six months, with such instability about large clubs can be forgotten. Yes, there was a world championship, which the brothers sat on a bench. But the decline began in the spring and lasted until October. Secondly, it is not entirely clear why Anton is not a solid player in the starting line of the club-he plays about two times less than Alexey.

In Lokomotiv with the advent Kryhovyakwho plays more attacking midfielder, competition has aggravated. Yuri Semin Hotes this line, trying to distribute the game time so that everyone is enough. Anton does not always get: only six matches of the championship in the starting lineup, and only one full, all 90 minutes. But when it turns out, it almost always exacerbates the game, and recently it is generally the leader of the attack.

Anton (right) and Alexey Miranchuki. Photo Fedor Uspensky,

Both Miranchuk are universals. Once Alexey played in all positions, including the center of the attack. Now Anton's turn has come. In matches with Arsenal and Yenisei He played in the position of the central attacking midfielder. With Rostov He went out on the right flank, and finished the match on the left. With Porto In general, there was a mosaic: the beginning of the game is the left midfielder, the middle is the right and central, the end is the center forward.

On the one hand, this is great: in modern football, universalism is valued, today you can’t just be an urban or just a flank defender – the football player should be tactically flexible. Anton can be moved on the field like magnets on a coaching board, and this, of course, is a great advantage. On the other hand, this does not always benefit the player: in different positions – different tasks, you need to rebuild, get used to it.

Comparative characteristics of Anton and Alexei Miranchukov. A photo

The differences between the brothers

Anton most clearly manifests itself on the left semiflange or in the center. This is an explosive player who can accelerate with the ball, dragging him to the penalty area. In recent matches, he repeatedly beat several opponents at once, and his dribbling is diverse. In the game without a ball, Miranchuk is also dangerous: some Loko attacks begin after his selection. But in the struggle, it is not as effective as Alexei.

Which brothers are better and how they differ? Many texts have been written on this subject, and I always liked the attempts of the authors to find some differences. In my opinion, both have a very similar functionality: that outwardly, that in the game are twins. Unless Alexei is more, or something, a team player, his element is the last pass, analysis of the situation, a key solution. Anton is not so great gives the programs, but it beats better and probably moves on the field.

Anton (left) and Alexey Miranchuki. Photo by Daria Isaeva,

Alexey is a thinner performer. Anton is more aggressive. If participates in the episode, then to the end, in all phases. For example: pressure, selection, promotion, blow or pass; Often the stroke wedges into this chain. A whole set of actions that makes his game so bright, expressive and, more important, effective. He also has a good jerk, thanks to which he takes the ball and circles the opponent. And, of course, a cool blow.

Maybe this is a myth, but in the youth team Anton was considered talented than his brother. In my opinion, both are gifted guys; And it’s even a pity that there are only two of them. We have studied Antona so far-he opened somewhere a season later than Alexey. If the guy continues to progress and pulls up stability, then it may well grow into the star. While everything in the career is great. They will argue about which of the brothers will be better for a long time.