Porkhov officially announced the application for the season – Pskov sport

PORKHOV has officially announced the bid for the season Porkhov Hockey Club has announced the bid for the New Season 19-20. It included (1 goalkeeper; 6 defenders and 13 forwards) Team composition: Goalkeeper: Mikhail

Porkhov officially announced the application for the season

Hockey club PORKHOV announced an application for the New Season 19-20. It included (1 goalkeeper; 6 defenders and 13 forwards)
Goalkeeper: Mikhail Bortnikov
Defenders: Igor Sergeev, Vladislav Lukin, Petr Adikov, Yegor Skobelev, Alexey Palchak, Oleg Loshkarev
Forwards: Andrey Kuznetsov, Kirill Lukin, Dmitry Kurnosov, Nikita Ilyin, Yury Egorov, Artem Bogush, Konstantin Mishurinskikh, Evgeny Astreiko, Alexander Cherepanov, Radik Badretdinov, Pavel Sadovnikov, Zakhar Borodin, Oleg Kurnosov

The team consists of 3 junior Tornados and 3 sports students, of which, according to the new regulations, 2 people can be included in the application for the match.
Evgeny Astreiko appointed as playing coach
Captain: Vlad Lukin
Assistants: Konstantin Mishurinsky and Evgeny Astreiko

According to Pskov Sport, playing coach Evgeny Astreiko. The task was set to fight in every match and despite the stellar composition, it will not be easy.

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The My Business Center in Pskov (of the Guarantee and Entrepreneurship Development Fund of the Pskov Region), together with the regional office of Opora Rossii, organized an unusual event for Pskov entrepreneurs on Saturday, November 9th. At the initiative of the organizations, businessmen met at the site of the DOSAAF motorcycle club to get acquainted with motocross in practice and informally discuss formats for cooperation with the sports community and investments in sports projects.

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Today, with a match of the 18th round of the Russian Championship among PFL clubs for the Pskov football club 747, the season in the second division in the West group resumes.

Crime and Punishment

Today or tomorrow the disciplinary commission will decide on the case of Volodya Markelov for attacking a judge. Then it will be considered by the Ice Hockey Federation of the Pskov Region.

Cheerleader with a subvertex

Communist deputy Pyotr Alekseenko chose to sing along at the victory celebration not to the victors – the football players of Chertanovo, but to sing in a singsong voice at the third team of the league according to the points scored in front of their fans. He posted a photo with the caption What a pain Chertanovo – Pskov 5:0 on his Facebook. Why Alekseenko's passage is absolutely inappropriate, figured out #Pskovsport.

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Boxing is called the sport of all time. The history of its development has about five thousand years. Fist fighting as a combat sport arose at the early stages of the development of society. We, contemporaries, have received images of fisticuffs from the era of the Cretan-Mycenaean culture, which preceded the development of the Greek state. Fisticuffs were especially popular in Ancient Greece. This is confirmed by the fact that already from 776 BC. e. he entered the program of the Olympic Games

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