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Alexander Minzhurenko: The people are tired of the war … But the war is now being waged with a different goal, to protect the revolution.

By the 100th anniversary of the events of 1917, columnist BK55 historian A.V. Minzhurenko prepared a series of articles, from which a book about the revolution was formed.

Pork from Kazakhstan was not allowed through the Omsk region

The meat was transported with violations.

Omsk students will take part in the Relay race of winners

The action was organized by the regional Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Federal Security Service.

It became known how Omsk citizen Yerkanat Nurmagambetov died in Ukraine

The radiotelephonist, under heavy fire, established communications for the gunners.

Omsk schools host ceremonies for raising the flag of the Russian Federation

The initiative was picked up at the Cossack Cadet Boarding School.

Omsk residents can really prepare for the Immortal Regiment procession

The organizers told where and how the route will pass.

Four more Omsk soldiers were killed during a special operation in Ukraine

Alexander Burkov expressed his condolences to the families of the soldiers.

Alexey Rusavsky, participant of the United Russia primaries: “We will definitely go to the parade with the whole family”

How are people preparing for the Victory Parade in Omsk?

Elon Musk bought Twitter and now wants to make it paid

But only for government accounts.

Coronavirus: Current Chronicles – May 4

In the Omsk region – 54 cases per day.

An unknown person with a knife attacked an Omsk citizen and took gold from him

The damage is estimated at 100 thousand rubles.

116-year-old medical university building to be restored in Omsk

The university announced a tender to find a contractor.

The star of Russian journalism was put on the wanted list for criminal

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia reported about a well-known representative of the fifth power that he was looking for Alexander Nevzorov (included in the register of media-foreign agents).

In Omsk, on 10th Maryanovskaya, a private house burned down

There are dead.

On Omsk roads will update the markings

First of all, the work will be carried out on the guest routes and the central streets of the city.

Stars of Uzbekistan are waiting in Omsk

The Omsk Philharmonic has entered into an agreement with a similar concert organization of this Central Asian republic. The agreement is intended to strengthen cooperation in the field of culture and musical art, to promote the preservation of common cultural achievements and the mutual enrichment of cultures.

The summer tourist season has opened in the Omsk region

Bolsherechensky zoo and Starina Sibirskaya are ready to welcome guests.

Sale of alcohol will be limited in Omsk from 7 to 9 May

A list of places subject to the ban has been published.

Omich is suspected of killing a visitor to the Malibu restaurant

The poor fellow became a victim of unreasonable aggression.

I see the goal, I see no obstacles: Omsk, in front of everyone, committed a daring theft of an expensive perfume

The crime succeeded only the second time.

In Omsk Victory Park, the motor rally Roads of the Immortal Regiment started

The last destination will be the Sargat district.

The body of an Omsk businessman was found in the cemetery on Parents' Day

It was discovered by the locals.

Why are Omsk residents offered to go to the cinema on the May weekend?

We tell in detail in our material.

Two tax evader businessmen to be tried in Omsk

The leaders of LLC Siberian Transport Union will be in the dock.

For the first quarter, the 10 largest taxpayers in Omsk contributed 2.6 billion rubles to off-budget funds

Funds from extrabudgetary funds go to pensions, benefits and compulsory medical insurance.

How intriguers who have settled in the rural parliament of Omsk Krasnoyarka trade in the interests of local residents

The deputies of the Council of the Krasnoyarsk rural settlement of the Omsk district of the Omsk region are building their position in an interesting way, as a result of which, for the past almost 1.5 years, the head of the Krasnoyarsk rural settlement has been absent from the municipality.

Omsk woman in response to a slap in the face killed her roommate

Again and again alcohol is to blame.


The Omsk government apologized for artists who are ashamed to perform in front of the Russian flag. (ADDED)

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