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A lot of people from Azov who love to fish go to look for fishing happiness on Kalancha or on the “high-voltage” one.

What kind of name is Kalancha?

From childhood, from Mikhalkov's poem, we remember the lines:

In the house of eight fraction one

At the outpost of Ilyich

There lived a tall citizen

Nicknamed Kalancha,

By the name of Stepanov

And by the name of Stepan,

Of the regional giants

The most important giant.

Respected Uncle Stepa

For this height.

Uncle Styopa was walking from work –

It was visible from a mile away.

The logic of the work suggests that the tower is something high.

Indeed, the tower is a tall building. Our Azov tower is a really high tower. There were two. They were located, approximately, on the site of the current tall structures of the high-voltage highway in the area of ​​​​the village of Elizavetinskaya. One tower stood on one bank of the Don, the other on the opposite. Here is how an eyewitness, the famous Turkish chronicler Evliya Celebi, describes them:

. Then in the morning, together with our companions in full armor, we walked at the foot of the Water Tower of Azov, took four to five thousand steps along the high bank of the Don in the direction of the north wind and approached the Shakhi tower.

It was also built by Sultan Mehmed Khan IV, the son of Ibrahim Khan, in 1071 (according to our calendar – 1660-61). Rebuilt during the reign of Sufi Mohammed Giray Khan by the care of the great vizier Koprulu Mskhmsd-nashi, it has 150 steps in a circle. The tower is solid, skillfully finished. Its height from the ground is 50 arshins. Small, regular gates face to the west. They are made entirely of iron, without a piece of wood, they protect well. Inside this tower there are odes, each with five to ten beds-cells arranged in five rows. In the garrison there is an ode to the Janissaries, an ode to trampling and an ode to the dzhebeji, there is also a dizdar-aga. Suleiman Pasha, formerly a Kul-Ketkhuda, with a hundred people settled in the upper fortification of this tower, arranged several loopholes and niches, and now sits defending the tower.

And in this Shakhi tower, in the embrasures at the gates and over the Don River, there are six bal-emez cannons, which are not found in the fortress of Azov. It is also equipped with twenty shahi cannons that raised their muzzles and a sufficient amount of ammunition.

Now, at the foot of this tower, Suleiman Pasha built strong trenches in one row from earth and turf, surrounded them with steep and deep ditches, like gorges, and made the fortification strong, impregnable and capable of defense. And boats go in the moat. On all sides [the tower] is surrounded by the Don River. Inside the fortification, Suleiman Pasha's warriors live without families in dwellings made of reeds and reeds. There are also absolutely no women here. However, there are a lot of oglans. There is a mosque, and inside the fortification there is a cathedral mosque for a hundred people and granaries.Everyone has wheat and millet stored in bins to the brim, and the entire population eats millet and wheat. They store a lot of food, because they are afraid that the infidels will take them under siege.

Having bypassed and inspected this tower, we again walked on the ice of the Don and stopped in front of the Sultaniye tower, located three hundred paces from the Shakhi tower on the opposite side of the second channel of the Don, located within the Moscow country.

Description of Sultaniye Tower

This tower rising to the sky was built in 1072 (according to our calendar – 1661-62) by the mother of Sultan Mehmed Khan IV, which is why it is called the Sultaniye Tower. It was built by order of Gyurcu Mustafa Pasha, under the care of Mohammed Giray Khan, on the advice of Koprulu Mehmed Pasha. This massive tower rises to the sky like the Wall of Iskander. This tower is located on the land of the Moscow country. Therefore, it is built extremely solidly, with the greatest diligence and diligence. This is a round, solid stone tower, similar to the Galata Tower in Istanbul. At the top it has a tier of thick boards, covered by a high cone-shaped dome, as well as loopholes for cannons and battlements for shelter.

It also looks like the Khunkyar tower on the opposite side of Azov. With regard to its height and structure, arsenals and powder magazines, strength and garrison, gates and earthen ditches and trenches surrounding it, it is no different from the Shakhi tower located opposite.

From this tower to the Shakhi tower located on the opposite side over the Don, iron chains as thick as a hand are stretched in three rows, wound around huge gates. Huge pillars of granite were placed to hold the chains. These chains hang over the Don day and night, stretched to the limit, and not a single Russian boat, tree trunk or dugout boat is able to pass.

When this powerful tower was completely built, and all the equipment and all the supplies were placed in their places, the entire army of Islam, saying: We entrust this fortress to the care of Allah, departed. And at the end of this month, 38, twenty thousand Moscow kafirs and so many Kalmyk Tatars that the earth would not even demolish, laid siege to this Sultaniye tower. For twenty days and nights, many cannons of the fortress drove away the infidels: some places were destroyed. When the infidels were still standing here, one day at dawn, the cannons of the main fortress struck with a single volley. Several thousand infidels died from cannonballs.

According to the wisdom of God, their special hetmans and great vorniki were killed, and horror, weeping and groaning arose among the infidels; not taking the fortress, they fell into despair and fled. When they went to the Heihat steppe, they were attacked by the Kalga Sultan with the sons of Mohammed Giray Khan. Without putting arrows into their bows and without drawing their swords, they took all the infidels prisoner and brought them bound to the Crimea.

Even now there are many ghazi daredevils here. There are no women or girls here. Everyone here is celibate, steadfast gazii.Then Ketkhuda Suleiman-Pasha, Yanycharsky Yeah, and several jibezhi-bashi and mug-bashi settled.

Inside the tower there is a cathedral mosque, which, however, does not have minarets. At her foot, trenches and several yards are arranged. However, out of fear of kafirs, no person has the opportunity to go out anywhere beyond this strengthening of Sultania.

Regarding the places of worship – tombs of fighters for faith. During the siege of the tower of the Kafirs, one hundred and fifty Gazyev fell with the shahids, they are buried outside the fortification. May Allah have mercy on them all!

Having walked around and examined this tower of Sultaniya, we again went out onto the ice of the Don, sat in the sled, on which they carry reeds, and, heading towards the West, quickly arrived in the basics.

Parking fortress of Azov

We met with the Moscow ambassador and conducted conversations with him. The next day, Ak Mehmed Pasha again invited the Moscow ambassador and Suleiman Pasha to the treat. After the meal, conversations were conducted on various topics. At this time, 1077 (1666-67). months. Day, according to the wisdom of the Creator, from the threshold of prosperity to Ak Mehmed Pasha arrived with Hutt-and Sheriff Boshnak Mahmud-Aga-from AG Kara Mustafa Pasha, Kaimakam Edirne. In the wise label, Shah literacy, it was said: “Pasha Azov. To you, our loyal, our lawyer-nurse Mehmed Pasha. After interrupting your stay in the fortress, may you come to our threshold of prosperity. ”

Immediately after reading these words, the poor man Ak Mehmed Pasha stood up, made a double thanksgiving kneeling, and gave a thousand praise and thanksgiving. Then he awarded the poor, donating seven camels from the luggage. Then the Moscow ambassador was saddened and said: “Well, with whom will I stay here? I ask you to allow me not to be separated from you so that I go with you. To this AK Mehmed Pasha said to the saddened ambassador: “I will notify my padishah that you are going to come. Then, when an order from the Padishah receives about you, you will come after me. By that time, the weather will become softer, spring days will come. And you will arrive with your own person. ” Then the ambassador rose and went to his residence.

I, insignificant, said Ak Mehmed Pasha: “My sultan, this ambassador has a thousand armed Kafirs-good satellites for you. If you take them with you, deserve the mercy of the padishah for bringing the ambassador from Moscow. ” Mehmed Pasha replied to these words of my words: “My khan, Evliya Celebi! If this Kafir will sit in prison in the Azov fortress on his own grubs, then the Azov fortress for all this period will be safe from the Cossacks. And after that, let it go to yourself. And now, Evlia, he continued, “and you get ready.” Together with me you will go to the threshold of prosperity. And on the road we will hunt together, indulge in pleasures and pleasure. ”