Look at the weather forecast for the summer, weather forecasters I offer an unusual script; Summer 2021. Weather for the summer. Weather summer. Weather forecast.

The weather will offer an unusual summer scenario. Check out the weather forecast for this summer

According to the forecast, the heat will again gain momentum by mid -summer. Cool will return in August

The weather will offer an unusual scenario of summer. Look at the weather forecast for this summer

The weather will offer an unusual summer scenario. Check out the weather forecast for this summer

Since the beginning of July, the European anticyclone will begin to configure the weather in the European regions of Russia. According to the forecast, the heat will again gain momentum by mid -summer. Cool will return in August.

Weather in Moscow for July

Gismeteo reported the end of the rainy season in the capital on weekends, on the 3-4th day. According to the forecast, from Monday, July 5, the Moscow region will be under the auspices of a warm anticyclone, which will stay here until the middle of summer.

Starting from July 14, the weather in Moscow will begin to change smoothly. Changes in the climatic situation will be due to the approximation of cloud damp cyclone. Rain cloudy will begin regular supplies of atmospheric moisture to the capital from the 19th. Forecasters promise moderate precipitation, in places abundant rain are possible. Under the pressure of rains, the temperature in Moscow will drop to 22–23 degrees.

According to the forecast, by August the volume of clouds over the Moscow region will be reduced. The temperature values ​​in the daytime will begin to grow to 24–25-degree. Forecasters predict variable cloud cover without records and anomalies.

Weather forecast for St. Petersburg for the summer

The northwestern regions of Russia will be under the auspices of cloud fronts, which are formed on the periphery of anticyclone. But this will not prevent the weather in St. Petersburg to demonstrate temperature records. Forecasters warned of the high probability of a 30-degree heat from July 5 to 10. In the northern capital it will be wet and hot, as in the tropics.

The tropical weather scenario in St. Petersburg will be replaced by the classic development of summer: Gismeteo predicts a decrease in temperature in the Leningrad region to plus 20–22 and showers. The rainy season will last from July 13 to July 18. In the second half of summer, precipitation will be reduced to a minimum. The temperature in St. Petersburg will return to traditional summer values, no higher plus 22.

August in the Leningrad region will please a large number of sunny days. Forecasters do not predict anomalies, but also do not exclude the possibility of the next records.

Weather in the Krasnodar Territory and Crimea

The climatic situation in the Krasnodar Territory will begin to improve, but the weather in Crimea will still present an unobtrusive surprise in early July. In Yalta from 5 to 7 July, a strong storm with a squally wind of up to 25 m/s is predicted. According to Gismeteo's forecasts, an abnormally large volume of atmospheric moisture will hit the resort. The amount of precipitation of noon, 6th, will exceed 50 mm!

According to the forecast, on the same days the weather in Sochi will spoil another thunderstorm front. Forecasters warned of heavy rains from July 4 to 6. The peak of bad weather will have to be on the 5th, but there will be three times less precipitation than in Yalta.Against the backdrop of bad weather, the air temperature in Sochi will drop to 21-22 degrees. By the middle of the week, the air in the daytime will again warm up to plus 26-28. By August, the thermometers will reach from the mark of 29-30. Gismeteo was reassured by a favorable forecast for the holiday season until the end of summer.

In the southwestern resorts of the Krasnodar Territory, wave temperature dynamics will be observed: in Anapa, Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik, after the weekend, due to rain, the air will warm up no higher than 24-25 during the day. From Thursday, the 8th, the thermometers will begin to overcome the 30-degree mark. Forecasters predict an increase in air temperature in Anapa to plus 34. On Sunday, the 11th, a cold snap of 8-9 degrees is expected. The climate situation will stabilize by the end of the month. In August, a stable holiday season is expected without heavy rains.

Weather forecast for the Volga region for the summer

In the Samara, Ulyanovsk regions, the rains will subside. According to the forecast of Gismeteo, from July 5, the anticyclone will affect the weather. Against the backdrop of a cloudless sky, the temperature in Samara, Ulyanovsk during the day will rise to 25-28. July will retain its bright character for only a week. By the middle of summer, clouds will begin to gather again over the middle Volga region. Temperature values ​​will lose 3-4 degrees.

Forecasters of Gismeteo predict cloudy cool weather in Samara, Ulyanovsk, Tolyatti from 12 to 18 days. In the last week of the month, hot summer will return in the Volga region with temperatures of 27-29. August will come with rains that will cool the heated air to plus 24-25. To the north, in Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod it will be drier and hotter. Here, the forecast promises to maintain the equilibrium of the climatic situation until the end of summer.

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