Shipbuilders support Korabelka's development course

Shipbuilders support the development course of Korabelka

Shipbuilders support Korabelka's development course

Participants of a press conference held at TASS on September 14 spoke about the prospects for staffing the Russian fleet and the shipbuilding industry. The announced topic of the press conference is: Actual issues of personnel training on the basis of the St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University for the needs of the shipbuilding industry and the Russian Navy.

The press conference was attended by Acting Rector of SPbGMTU Evgeny Appolonov, General Director of the St. Petersburg Marine Engineering Bureau Malachite Vladimir Dorofeev, General Director of the Concern MPO-Gidropribor Vladimir Patrushev, Director of the Human Resources Department of JSC OSC Eduard Bobritsky , President of the Association of Shipbuilders of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region Vladimir Aleksandrov, Advisor to the General Director of the Krylovsky State Research Center Valery Polovinkin, Head of the Department for Recruitment and Development of Personnel at Baltic Shipbuilding Plant LLC Tatyana Paklinskaya, Deputy Chairman of the Energy Saving Committee of the Russian Union of Builders, candidate for deputy from Party United Russia Anton Moroz.

The first persons of the largest industries, which are the flower of the shipbuilding industry of the northern capital, shared their vision: what should be the marine engineering education and agreed that the current course of development of the marine technical university is the only true and possible way to provide highly qualified personnel to shipbuilding enterprises. This is the unified position stated on behalf of the industry.

Evgeny Appolonov, in his speech, summed up the main results of the university's activities over the past 2.5 years. Recall that a team of managers led by Evgeny Appolonov came to the university in December 2013. This gave a new impetus to the development of the university. The main goal was to improve the system of personnel training on the basis of a radical strengthening of ties with the shipbuilding industry. And about. the rector spoke about the effective interaction of Korabelka with the largest companies: Rosneft, Gazprom, Rosatom. He called the holding of two meetings of heads of state authorities on the development of a system for training personnel for the ship industry and the Navy under the auspices of the Security Council of the Russian Federation as landmark events. The decisions formulated in the protocols following the results of these meetings determined the development strategy of the university. A supervisory board headed by the president of USC JSC Alexey Rakhmanov was created.The process of modernization of the university is actively developing. A system of basic departments has been created at key shipbuilding enterprises. Of the significant structural changes, Evgeny Appolonov mentioned the work of the Institute of Marine Engineering and Technology. Within the framework of this institute, centers for the development of shipbuilding technology and ship engineering, as well as underwater production complexes in the interests of oil and gas companies, have been created. An industry center for training and retraining of personnel has been created and is working with high efficiency. Great efforts have been made to increase the authority of the teaching staff of the university. The salaries of SPbGMTU teachers have been repeatedly increased. Evgeny Appolonov called further improvement of the well-being of the university staff one of the current tasks of the management. In the scientific field, the university is one of the leaders among universities in St. Petersburg and the country. According to the rating of demand for scientific work of universities in 2015, Korabelka took second place in Russia, which is very honorable. Also, in his speech, the acting rector touched upon the issues of successful development of the international activities of SPbGMTU and raising the status in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. More detailed information on the results of Korabelka's activities is contained in documentprepared for the press conference.

Hero of Russia and honorary resident of St. Petersburg Vladimir Aleksandrov, a graduate of Korabelka in 1967, also noted the positive changes that have taken place at the university since 2013. As far back as 5-10 years ago, there was a serious criticism of the level of students' training, which followed from the heads of enterprises. A sharp increase in the demands placed on heads of departments and teachers in terms of their professional training has borne fruit. In general, the training of specialists is a mutual process, which includes both the university itself and enterprises that order personnel. “We are optimistic about the development of the Marine Technical University,” Vladimir Alexandrov emphasized.

Eduard Bobritsky, Director of the Human Resources Management Department of USC JSC, confirmed that SPbGMTU is the main forge of specialist engineers for the needs of the shipbuilding industry. Korabelka and USC are intertwined very closely, like nerves, like vessels, and are inextricably linked with each other,” said the top manager of the united shipbuilding company. JSC USC cooperates with 140 educational institutions, but the main and supporting university for it is SPbGMTU. There are many areas in which serious and effective work is being done. This is the target training of students. Today, more than 150 people study under joint programs. Another direction is the retraining of personnel, which helps specialists acquire additional knowledge and competencies. Research and development is another area of ​​joint activity.Eduard Bobritsky recalled that since August 2014 an agreement has been in force on the cooperation of the OSK and Shipbuke. A lot of work was done as part of the Supervisory Board. “We clearly understand the vectors and directions of development of students and teachers of the university and the university scientific and laboratory base,” Bobritsky emphasized. He also noted the involvement of the university and the shipbuilding corporation in the assessment of the staff of the OSK, the organization of student and graduate scientific competitions. “We, together with the university, are working to ensure that the needs of industry are reflected in those training programs that are offered to students today” Eduard Bobritsky noted.

The General Director of the St. Petersburg Marine Bureau of Malachite Malachite, Vladimir Dorofeev, added that graduates of Shipbuke accounted for the personnel of the enterprises led by him. Relations with St. PetersburgMTU have been carried out since the formation of Malachite. Interaction develops in several areas. Our employees work as teachers of the shipbuilding in the combination format, are part of the examination commissions of the university. Last year, a basic department was created on the profile of shipbuilding, weapons and robotics. The year of work of the department demonstrated, of course, a positive result. Students, together with our employees, independently showed the initiative and developed a concept project, put forward to the competition of the best innovative project of St. Petersburg. This is a marine robotics platform for servicing hydrocarbon and ice of hydrocarbon deposits, where it is impossible to use surface agents. The project is very interesting, which is the result and example of practical interaction of the university with the enterprise. Ship always gives basic theoretical knowledge. The base department at the enterprise cannot replace teachers working in the walls of the university, but can supplement the basic training with practical skills and experience. Together with the university, we are working on one common cause, not only in the interests of Malachite, but also in the interests of all shipbuilding enterprises of the Russian Federation, ”Vladimir Dorofeev emphasized.

Vladimir Patrushev called St. PetersburgMTU a base supplier of personnel for the concern MPO-HIDROPROPROM. More than 70 specialists – graduates of Shipbuilding have entered the state of the concern over the past 5 years. For comparison, the military gave – 60 people, Leti – 28 people, ITMO – 14 people. The target set in St. PetersburgMTU has been carried out since 2009 and the interests of the MPO-Gidropribor concern. During this time, in the interests of the concern, 63 people were accepted into the “shipbuilding”.

Advisor to the CEO of Krylovsk SHC Valery Remunkin, who was filled with the fact that the education system at any university is always somewhat inert and cannot compete with advanced industries.The way out is the individual training of a particular person for a specific position. But this is an expensive process and cannot be provided with any university. Therefore, the creation of a system of basic departments is a very wise solution. At the same time, the base department is considered as an opportunity to provide the enterprise with the university of the most advanced laboratory stands. By the way, in the Krylov State Scientific Center of three thousand employees more than 40% are graduates of Shipbuilding.

Tatyana Paklinskaya, head of the Baltic Factory – Shipbuilding LLC Department, emphasized that almost 4.7 thousand employees work at the enterprise today. About 500 workers were educated at St. PetersburgMTU. “For us, the education received in the“ shipbuilding ”is a graduate marker to get to the factory,” the personnel officer of the Baltic Plant explained. But the company itself should also prepare graduates for specific professions. Today, the Baltzavod is interested in attracting engineers-manufacturers. There is a shortage of rationing engineers, planning engineers, and production preparation engineers. There is also a need for good software engineers. The greatest deficit in working frames. The Baltic Plant collaborates with a wide range of universities for recruiting staff.

Another participant in the press conference, Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the Russian Union of Builders for Energy Saving, Anton Moroz, candidate for deputies from the United Russia party, recalled that a number of projects related to the development of ports are being implemented in the country today. The tourist direction also requires new projects in the field of the sea and river fleet. All this is unthinkable without the presence of personnel, without those who will create new ships and ships, to introduce innovative decisions. And Shipbuilding is one of the flagships for the preparation of the staff. The development of the university and the process of staff training cannot be realized without stimulating legislation, ”said Anton Moroz.