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Hyde for those who do not understand hype because of the sequel.

Stalker is a cult series of games: atmospheric, there are hundreds of mods, and made with love for gamers from the CIS

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Hyde for those who do not understand hype because of the sequel.

We could not believe for a long time, but S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 really exists! After the publication of the first trailer, the old -school fans of the series screamed with happiness and prepared to hunt for artifacts in the zone again, and the haters spat from not the most advanced graphics and lack of demonstration of gameplay. The Stalker has always caused hot discussions in the community, it has no equal in this.

At the same time, people who are not familiar with the series experienced a completely different emotion from the trailer – bewilderment. Why do everyone go into ecstasy from the video without gameplay, where they showed only a couple of landscapes? Why do Microsoft represent this like a top title for the next generation of the console? Why do you need to wait for the game from the studio, which over the past 10 years only did what has bloomed and gathered again?

The answer is simple: all because the series S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Cult. Now let's explain why exactly.

This is a series with three dissimilar games

Although nominally we get the second part of the Stalker only now, there are already three games in the series: “Shadows of Chernobyl”, “Clear Sky” and “Call of Pripyat”. The first part was released in 2007 and immediately became a classic. “Chernobyl shadows” Ukrainian studio GSC Games World touched something secret in the players from the CIS, allowing them to explore a big open world with familiar Khrushchevs, parks and courtyards that suffered due to a technogenic disaster in Chernobyl.

Then this was a novelty – before, no one offered gamers a game in such an entourage. Then few worried about uninteresting side quests and not the most responsive shooting. Everyone was so immersed in history and setting that the shortcomings seemed to be something insignificant.

In the Pure Sky the developers set themselves completely different goals. This time, the head of the game was a realistic NPC behavior system and the elaboration of the world. If in the first part the player was in a very beautiful and comfortable, but still linearly built in the world, then in the GSC sequel everything was done so that gamers feel in live society. The game had many drawbacks, but the system of wars of groups and simulations of life gave emotions that are completely different from the “shadows of Chernobyl”.

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After the passage of the “Zavov Pripyat”, the player also felt completely unique sensations. This time in the GSC decided to make their Fallout: with interesting quests, a good story and a large number of activities in the open world. The third part of the series is the most licked and modern of all, and at the same time completely not similar to all previous parts.

To the series S.T.A.L.K.E.R.It can be treated differently, but it cannot be denied that each of the current parts brought something new to the game industry. Its authors were not afraid to experiment, while always adhering to the framework of the universe, for which they received a very loyal fanbase.

There is a very viscous atmosphere here

Depressive landscapes, the study of each small location and a dense embossed with constant howls of monsters created in a stalker such an atmosphere that failed to achieve a single part of Fallout.

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In this game you have no partners or real friends. Gathering by a fire with songs for a guitar is the most friendly occupation in a shooter, because almost all stalkers in the zone are greedy and vile people. They came here for benefit and do not mind shooting you if you look at them askance.

The atmosphere of loneliness and despondency is permeated through the entire game, which is why the player has no doubt that if he is attacking a bloodsucker in an underground laboratory, then you can rely only on yourself. This is a special charm of the game.

Beautiful and worked out locations

Developers would never have achieved such a thick atmosphere if they had not done a huge work on studying locations. Each house, every hangar in the game works for the exact reconstruction of the setting. If we run along the initial location of stalkers, we will see many newcomers, wounded soldiers, scattered bottles of vodka and so on. In laboratories and underground locations, each corridor is built in such a way as to cause you a feeling of claustrophobia. You can list the features of locations endlessly.

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With the output of the “Zavov Pripyat” landscapes, it became interesting not only to consider, but also to study, since in hard -to -reach places it was possible to find a useful loot. If in many other games such a gameplay would only annoy, then in Stalker he becomes interesting just because you will not find two similar rooms in it. It is unlikely that any other studio, except GSC, could also meticulously build locations in a game with such a setting.

Stalker is a real adventure

In S.T.A.L.K.E.R. There is the spirit of a real Road Muy. In the shadows of Chernobyl after the hero’s trip it is interesting to observe, and a huge number of memorable moments make the adventures of the hero at times more interesting. After passing, the player will recall the first meeting with the monster controller in a narrow corridor more than once, entering Pripyat and shootings in the X-16 laboratory.

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In no case can a stalker be called a plot game, the main story here is terribly primitive: most of the game we perform the only mission indicated in our PDA – to kill a person named arrows. The stalker has a very simple and linear plot, but such small events remain in memory as history develops and force them to remember the game after months and year.

Our beloved Slavic flavor

“But the truth is said that cognac is getting better from year to year. The older I become, the more I like him, ”the bandit is joking around the fire in the“ Pripyat ”. In a neighboring village at this time, stalkers play the guitar and complain to each other in life. With such small scenes, the developers did everything possible so that the player had no doubt – he is in the post -Soviet space.

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In the game, we constantly hear the famous cries about the caught olives, treated with conservals, remove radiation with vodka and unless we go in an embrace with the bear. No matter how I tried to convey such an atmosphere of the Metro series, it prevented it from making this bias on the Western audience. Here, this hypertrophied emphasis on Slavic flavor looks to the place and in places very happy.

And we have not yet talked about hundreds of different nicknames of stalkers according to the type “Zhek Duplet”, “Vasya Kaban” and “Vova Vist”.

Huge spaciousness for modifications

The best indicator of the people's love for the Stalker is some inexplicable number of amateur modifications created for him. 13 years after the release, fans added almost all previously carved content to the game, saturated the game with hundreds of plot tasks and types of weapons, and also pumped graphics several times.

It got to the point that in many stores with pirate discs, whole anthologies of mods on the Stalker were sold, which diverged with a bang. The game Moddders community is still strongly developed and from time to time produces cool additions to the jocus of 13 years ago. Here he is – the main sign of the nationality of the game!