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The most important game element of Atletico in the away match with Porto.

UEFA technical experts analyze Atletico's guest victory on Daragau, who brought Madrids to the 1/8 finals.

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UEFA technical experts analyze Atletico's guest victory on Daragau, who brought Madrids to the 1/8 finals.

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The most important game element of Atletico in the away match with Porto.

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Atletico defeated Porto in a dramatic match at Dragau, thanks to which he made his way to the 1/8 finals of the UEFA Champions League. The owners for leaving the group were enough one point.

The group of technical observers of UEFA disagreely analyzes the match in which Atletico managed to change the game drawing thanks to the tactical tricks of Diego Simeone.


Porto - Atlético 1:3

0: 1: Antoine Griezmann (56)
Griezmann closed the ball on a long -standing bar after the supply of Tom Lemar from the corner and random discount from the striker Porta Mehdi Taremi.

0: 2: Khoakin Correa (90)
The guests caught Porto on a counterattack, when Griezmann led Correa to the gate in the center. The Argentinean burst into the penalty area and accurately struck the bottom into the far corner. The striker has not scored in the Champions League since September 2015.

0: 3: Rodrigo de Paul (90+2)
The best Atletico football player in selection scored the third goal of the guests as a result of another counterattack. Chanciel Mbemba could not stop de Paul on the right flank, the midfielder entered the penalty area and gave the ball under the blow of Griezmann. The Frenchman’s blow was blocked, but the ball flew to de Paul, and he finished it in an empty gate.

1: 3: Sergiu Oliveira (90+6)
Evanilson at the very end of the match fell in the penalty area in the fight against Mario Ermoso, and the referee appointed a penalty. Jan the Cloud guessed the direction of the blow, but Sergiu Oliveira, who had replaced him, still beat him with the last blow in the match.

Best Player: Antoine Griezmann

Griezmann opened an account in the match, gave the hot transfer in an episode with the second ball, participated in the third goal, and this is far from all that the Frenchman was noted in this match. In the second half, due to his efforts, the Madrins managed to maintain pressure on the opponent. At the same time, Griezmann changed his position on the field several times.

After the removal of Yannik Karrasko, he switched to the left flank, and then, when Simeone replaced the striker Mateus Kunyu (replaced the injured Luis Suarez at the beginning of the match of Renan Lody, Griezmann took the center of the center in the tactical arrangement of 5-3-1 and then laid his hand in Another two goals of their team.

Antoine Griezmann after the first goal

Briefly about the match

Porto looked preferable in the first half. The owners used fast pressure and did not allow the Madrins to get to their gates. Pepe perfectly conducted the line of defense, and on the approaches to it everyone “burned” Vitinia and Gruich. Taremi sank deeper into midfield, which allowed the Porto players to be the first to select balls in the midline. Having fewer players in the center of the field, the guests could not exert enough pressure on the dragons, but they, in turn, could not use this.

In the first half, Pepe dominated his zone.Atletico seriously threatened the gate only due to the individual skill of Carrasco, who caught up with the ball at the front and passed under the blow of Lemar, after which Diogo Costa saved his team from a goal. The pattern of the game has changed since the break. Simeone sent Griezmann and Llorente at the forefront of the attack, and Atlético began to threaten the opponent on both flanks. Forwards began to get free space thanks to the support of full-backs.

This was not the only effect of Simeone's subterfuge. In the first half, Atlético had a well-equipped defensive line, but the middle line was not as crowded. Now they acted more like a team, leaving Porto with less room to move. The hosts were getting ample space behind Atlético's wingers and Luis Dias took advantage of this by breaking through the left wing, but Taremi was unable to outplay Oblaka, who kicked the ball in the last line.

It was one of two chances missed by the Iranian international early in the second half, and Porto, who failed to make the most of Grujic and Vitinha's chances in the first half, slowly began to crumble. Atlético, on the other hand, played smart, held the defense and played brilliantly on the counter-attacks at the end of the meeting.

Tactical schemes

Porto started the match in a 4-4-2 formation

The hosts played according to the usual 4-4-2 formation, but after the removal of Wendell, they spent the last 20 minutes with the arrangement 3-2-3-1. When building attacks, Taremi (9) played a connecting role, dropping into the zone between the lines and leaving Evanilson (30) at the tip. This allowed Porto to additionally saturate the middle line with players in the first half, when Atlético didn’t have much to do.

UEFA technical observers also singled out the duo of central midfielders. Vitinha (20) dropped back and acted between a bunch of centre-backs in the face of Pepe (3) and Mbemba (19). This helped the Dragons break up attacks in the face of resistance from Atlético's two forwards, while allowing full-backs to play higher. In the course of the development of attacks, Vitinha resorted to the center of the field, where he received freedom of action.

Another midfielder, Marko Grujic (16), played in the center between Atlético's front and midfield and was especially helpful in the first half. He hardly lost the ball and provided reliability. However, after the break, this tactic became less effective, as the opponent began to exert more pressure than to wait in defense.

Atletico in the first minutes acted according to the scheme 5-3-2

Madrid started the game with a 5-3-2 formation, where due to the dominance of injuries, Sime Vrsaljko (24) and Joffrey Kondogbia (4) were forced to play as central defenders. When the guests were in possession, the game formation changed to 4-4-2 with Carrasco (21) running to the attack from the left-back position and De Paul (5) who covered the Belgian's zone at that moment. On the other side, Thomas Lemar (11) served as an insider (at least in the first half), and Marcos Llorente (14) as a classic flank defender.

After the break (and before the removal of Carrasco in the 67th minute), the situation changed. Both full-backs went forward and began to actively press on Porto's half of the field. With Atlético down to ten men, the Spaniards showed tactical skill and, following Simeone's instructions, skilfully rebuilt to 4-4-1 in possession and 5-3-1 off the ball. The guests ended the match with a 5-3-1 formation that helped them score twice.

Atlético's wingers moved forward more often as the second half began

Coaches' comments

Porto head coach Sergio Conceição: This match kind of showed what happened in our other matches in the group. We created a number of good chances, but we couldn't convert them in the key moments of the match. And then we conceded after a corner. We tried, we did our best to win, but sending off Wendell was a big blow. In stoppage time we played more with our hearts than with our heads and that explains the result.

Atletico Madrid head coach Diego Simeone: I am proud of the players. Today they showed character and class, the ability to endure and cope with the challenges that fall to our lot. We missed three of the four central defenders. Vrsaljko and Kondogbia played an excellent match. Working together, they were able to achieve an honorable result in a very intense a game in which Oblak had to save the team brilliantly more than once. The opponent had enough draw to go further and he was very strong, but we showed a great game and worked as a unit.