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Announcement: Scottish knit, 1,000 rubles, Kursk

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Animals in the Kursk region

Announcement: Scottish knit, 1,000 rubles, Kursk

KNITTING! Elite, white, purebred Canadian Sphynx, with a gene for odd-eyedness, ideal hairiness, experienced, 1 year old, kittens inherit the gene, odd-eyed kittens are born, strong heredity, exhibition tribe, invites cats with a processed manicure, tray, favorite lump for 3 days for mating the kitty as if it were your own, feeding and care is provided, call, write, I will answer all your questions. Regular brides – discount

Announcement: Maine Coon kittens, 5 000 rubles, Zheleznogorsk

Maine Coon kittens from the cattery. Colors for every taste. Full package of documents. Champion parents. In the last photo, the father of the kittens.

Announcement: Knitting, 1,000 rubles, Kursk

Handsome cat invites a cat for mating. The cat is untied, experienced and persistent. The children are in the second and third photos.

Announcement: British mating, 1 000 rubles, Kursk

color shaded silver chinchilla ns 11

Announcement: Sterilized Linda, Free, Kurchatov

Linda is looking for a home and family. She was saved from starvation. Now she is 7 months old. She is on hold. Linda is a calm dog, vaccinated with the Multican-8 complex vaccine, she has a vet. passport. Linda is sterilized. Linda will be a faithful companion and will eventually become a good guard. Attaches not to the chain. Delivery is possible.

Announcement: red kitten - happiness in the house, Free, Kursk

She is very beautiful and charming! And very smart, funny, playful, affectionate! The real little lioness! We are looking for the best home for a cat, she is 2 and a half months old. Eats perfectly any food, the tray is mastered perfectly! Of course, it is dewormed and processed, has a veterinary passport, rabies vaccination. Upon reaching the age, preferential sterilization is guaranteed. He is great with children and is friendly with dogs and cats. Delivery is possible. Write to l / s or call the numbers:
8-985-905-18-78 – Hope,
8-903-271-64-87 – Alexandra