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We move from theory to practice.

How to conduct betting statistics: table and practical tips


The ability to control yourself and respond quickly to errors is one of the most important qualities for stowboards.

Previously, we told how important it is to know the real effectiveness of our bets, which can be calculated using ROI (investment payback coefficient). We have excellent news – you will not have to consider anything manually.

We ourselves made a special table, where you just need to not forget to enter all the necessary data on the rates in a timely manner. Moreover, it can bring much more benefit than just calculate the ROI. For example, with its help you can determine your strengths and weaknesses to improve the results.

How it works

The table consists of two sheets: for entering data on bets and for automatic statistics. Why is it not in one sheet? Because in the future it is planned to increase the functionality and you need to leave a place for maneuver. You can download the table here.

(click on the image to increase)

Test results are already driven into the table.

As can be seen from the example, data entry is very simple, most columns do not require an additional explanation. It is enough to delete test data to start work.

A few important points:

  • Theoretically, you can drive small expresses (2-3 positions), but this is not very convenient. The table is only for ordinals.
  • You can not delete the formulas from the column winnings – it is considered automatically.
  • The column 1/0 shows the result of the bet. If she came in, put “1”, lost – “0”.
  • The most slippery moment with return. For the correct calculation, it is necessary to change the initial value of the coefficient in the column “coeff” to “1”, and in the column “1/0” also “1”. Perhaps this moment will be finalized in the following versions.
  • The sample is designed for 200 bets. To extend for a larger amount, you need to allocate any of the cells in the winning column, squeeze a small black square in its right corner and pull down.
  • A small table in the ROI sheet is considered fully automatically. It is not necessary to touch her.

Why are filters needed

The tables of the table are built in the values ​​in each of the columns. Not every of them is equally useful, but some will come in handy for working on errors.

The most interesting: date, sport and tournament. The BC filter can also help.

Allows you to quickly view your bets for any period. Check in which sport and tournament the largest number of exact rates, and what should be abandoned due to low efficiency. If in some category the results are deplorable on a fairly long period-refuse such bets immediately. These small steps are really able to increase patency.

At first glance, it may seem that filling out the table is not the most necessary waste of time – you can put it like that. If you are doing it for fun, keeping the match interesting, then it is. But to win, you need to work on yourself. Monitoring bid statistics and correcting errors is the first important step. Those extra 5-10 minutes spent processing results can save real money.