How to set up a sports clock. Sports clock instructions

Instructions for sports clock. How to set up a sports clock

How to set up a sports clock

Now almost every person adheres to a healthy lifestyle. The use of correct products and physical exercises should be an integral part of life. However, after the first training and the appearance of muscle pain – all the desire to continue to play sports disappears. It's all about an incorrectly selected exercise system. Sports quartz watches will help to help resolve this problem.

What is a sports clock and what are they needed for?

This is a special watch that operates with increased loads. It is also a stylish multifunctional device that can become a reliable companion for adherents of a healthy diet, professional athletes and just sports lovers. The presence of a huge number of functions makes the device indispensable during physical exercises, orderly, during night sleep and competitions, and even during rest.

Their difference from ordinary hours is that they are made of more durable materials that protect them from harmful surrounding factors. Thanks to this, sports hours are waterproof, impact -resistant and made in ergonomic design.

This device is considered a novelty in the world of gadgets, but has already gained recognition of a huge number of satisfied buyers. Currently, buying a sports watch is not a luxury. This is a challenge and a call to humanity to think about their life.

Sports clock help to solve the following problems:

  • monitor the performance of training at the right pace;
  • calculate the optimal time for relaxation and the necessary intervals in training;
  • Calculate the duration of the rest necessary for complete recovery.

Most sports modern watches have a tonometer, pulsometer and step.

The tonometer determines blood pressure. If this indicator approaches a critical point, then the training should be stopped immediately.

Using a pulsometer, the level of vascular walls is determined. This indicator is individual for each citizen. It helps to determine when the training should be completed.

The Shagomer monitors and controls the number of the traveled path. Using this indicator, you can draw up an individual training scheme.

In addition, many models of sports watches are able to calculate the optimal time for sleep and remind their owner of the upcoming training, calculate the number of calories spent.

However, in order for sports hours to show the correct data you need to set up it. So how to set up a sports clock?

The main stages of setting up sports watches

We present the instructions for the sports clock.

  1. How to set a date correctly?
  • 3-fold clamping of the lower left button will help to go to the main menu and change the number and month, as well as the current number.
  • 3-fold pressing with the right lower button will help to quickly move along the menu with settings.
  • The right upper button regulates the blinking indicator.
  • The lower right button is designed to go to the indicator responsible for installing the current month.
  • The right upper button is necessary for correction.
  • We complete all the manipulations to the standard menu.
  1. How to install an alarm and a sound signal?
  • The 2-fold pressing of the left lower-up will open a special menu.
  • The right upper button changes data.
  • With the right lower button, adjust the indicator of the minute arrow.
  • The right upper button confirm the correctness of the installed.

The sound notification on the alarm is fixed automatically when time changes.

  • The right upper and lower buttons are clamped together to turn off the sound signal on the alarm clock. In this case, the device must make an appropriate sound signal.
  • The right lower button helps to check the previously established sound alerts.

Return in the main menu with the left lower button.

  1. How to install a stopwatch
  • The left lower button will help open the menu with the settings.
  • The right upper button turns off the application.
  • The right lower button is designed to zero results.
  • After performing all the actions, you can return to the main menu with a clamp of the lower lower button.
  1. How to set the right time?
  • 3-fold to the left lower button will help open the menu with the main settings.
  • The right lower button is designed to regulate a minute arrow.
  • The clamp of the right upper button will help adjust the incorrect data.
  • One -time pressing the right lower button helps to adjust the minute value.
  • The right upper button adjusts the established irregular indicators.

This menu also helps to set the time format. It can be 12 or 24 hours. The mode is changed by a simple scroll of the clock mechanism.

You need to return to the main menu with the left lower button.

  1. How to set the day of the week?
  • 3-fold clamping the left lower button allows you to activate the menu designed to choose the days of the week.
  • 5-fold pressing the right lower button will help activate the electronic arrow in a special sector, which shows the day of the week.
  • The right upper button adjust the set number.

It is important to remember that the days of the week are recorded in English.

  • After changing the day of the week, it is indicative of confirm. The left lower button will help to do it quickly.
  1. How to turn on the backlight?

The left upper button will help you turn on the backlight when it is necessary.

If the owner of this accessory will implicate the above recommendations, then he will be able to quickly configure all the necessary functions on his device.Further, a person gets so used to the buttons that he will no longer have any problems with setting up, this instruction will help you set up a sports watch and the operation of a sports watch will bring only joy.