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Lubrication stations I-SE 2.5/0.5, I-SE 10/0.5, I-SE 10/1.0 available price from 185,000 rubles. World of Hydraulics Krasnodar always low prices!

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Lubrication station

I-SE 2.5/0.5, I-SE 10/0.5, I-SE 10/1.0

Lubrication station:

I-SE 2.5/0.5, I-SE 10/0.5

Price: from 18500 rubles.

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I-SE lubrication stations are designed to supply liquid lubricant to impulse lubrication feeders and are used to complete impulse lubrication systems with an electric drive. The stations operate on pure mineral oils, the viscosity of which is from 30 to 600 mm2/s at an oil temperature of +5°C to +50°C and an ambient temperature of +1°C to +40°C. The oil cleanliness class must be at least 14. Climatic version and placement category of lubrication stations intended for countries with a temperate climate – UHL4, for countries with a tropical climate – O4.1. The station consists of a tank closed with a lid, to which a pumping unit is attached in the form of a gear pump with an electric motor, a valve box with an air outlet throttle, a level switch and a filling filter with an air filter. The tank with a capacity of 2.5 dm3 is made of transparent plastic. Places for fixing stations with this tank are located on the cover. Tank with a capacity of 10dm3 – metal – has places for fixing the station, as well as oil indicators of the upper and lower levels.

Lubrication station i-SE-2.5 / 0.5.

An example of a symbol for an electrically driven lubrication station for impulse systems with a tank capacity of 2.5 dm3 and a flow rate of 0.5 l / min for countries with a tropical climate:
i–SE–2.5/0.5 O4.1 TU2-053-1623-82

The main parameters of lubrication stations during their operation on pure mineral oil with a kinematic viscosity
Tew from 100 to 150 mm2/s are given in the documentation.