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Oysho offers a variety of product lines: underwear, sportswear, sleepwear, beach wear, as well as accessories and shoes. The brand's meticulously crafted collections include fashion products that stand out for their contemporary design, high quality and comfort.

Oysho's client is a natural, independent and self-confident woman who pays attention to details, appreciates quality and dresses in accordance with the latest fashion trends.

The Oysho brand, established in 2001, is present in 44 countries. Its sales network includes more than 600 stores worldwide, as well as an online store on a website that operates in 32 countries www.oysho.com

Didn't think it was possible.
Never buy from this store.

What to call it, if not Fraud.
Send a completely different product!
Money is awarded!
They don't get in touch!

Ordered at the very beginning of April 2020, in this store of various clothes for the home (pajamas, etc.). The order came out for more than 16 thousand rubles.

Delivery was made by DPD courier on April 09, 2020.
In connection with the coronovirus and the self-isolation regime, they did not check the contents of the box upon receipt (they did not open it until it was treated with disinfectants and kept a social distance in quarantine). They didn't think it was possible what happened.

As a result, after opening, it turned out that there was only one pair of slippers in the box (which we did not order at all).
And nothing more. None of the items we ordered.
Only slippers and a bunch of wrapping paper.
(This box and the slippers in it are preserved as material evidence.)

It's the second month.
OYSHO does not respond in any way to calls to deliver the goods that we paid for, or to return the money for it.

For a whole month we hear from them We are investigating your issue.

Pure water Fraud.
They received money for the goods, but they do not fulfill their obligations!

Feedback is not given at all!
They themselves do not show any initiative in resolving this issue.
They answer only if you write something to them. All answers are templated and of the same type!!

All company phones are switched off!
Communication only through the Chat support service.

The answer is always the same – we are investigating your issue.
It's been almost a month and a half!
And nothing has changed!