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Best -Language is a unique resource for learning the Russian language. On our site you will find all the rules of the Russian language.

Russian language

Our site is intended for those who decided to get rid of mistakes in written speech or who want to prepare for the state exam. Our resource is intended for those people who want to prepare for the state exam or decided to get rid of ridiculous mistakes in writing.

Russian language – One of the most complex languages ​​around the world, and the greatest difficulties are punishable by punctuation and spelling. Who did not make mistakes in dictations and works? The spelling of spelling with double consonants, unstressed vowels, particles and no, separate and separate spelling and many other complex cases are insurmountable obstacles for those who do not remember or do not know the elementary rules of spelling.

Punctuation causes even more difficulties. What is the punctuation mark to put and whether any sign is needed here? Why is a dash between the main members of the proposal, and a comma is delivered in another? What is a participle and involved turnover and why do they stand out with commas? All this is important to know the educated person.

In all educational institutions, especially in high school, a meager amount of attention is paid to the Russian language. Rules of the Russian languagewho were once studied, are forgotten, and the literacy level of schoolchildren is sharply reduced. However, when using our resource, everyone can correct the situation. Having devoted us no more than 5 hours a week, you will see for yourself how noticeably “wiser”. With us you will overcome all difficulties. Our site prepares graduates for passing the exam in the Russian language. We will help to hand over the exam well!