Sports rates: history and modernity

Sports rates: history and modernity

The origin of sports rates

The first entry of sports rates dates back more than 2000 years ago. The Greeks love for sports prompted them to present to the Olympics to the world, then the first records of bets on sports competitions appeared.

From the Greeks, the bets on sports spread to ancient Rome, where it was ultimately accepted and even legalized. In particular, the Romans made bets on gladiatorial games, but even when it was an ancient blood-sports sight in the end stopped, gambling survived and continued to extend to other types of competitions.

In the Middle Ages, some religious leaders tried to issue laws prohibiting sports bets. This forced the “industry” to go underground, where it continued to exist and even grow as new sports events appeared in the world.

Later in history, gambling became very popular in England in the form of races on races. The British extended this practice to the rest of the world, especially in the USA, where the totalizer quickly became a favorite pastime for many wealthy people.

Sports rates today

In general, gambling continues to grow all over the world and are very popular today, especially throughout Europe, which has become the largest sports betting market.

An increase in the number of sporting events that people can bet on have also helped increase the popularity of sports bets. Some sports that we know today did not exist a few centuries ago. Today you can bet on a variety of sporting events, from football to American football and everything between them.

Currently, sports bets are not just an exciting activity, it is also a multi -billion dollar business that brings huge profit to sports books and casinos around the world.