Sports to the rescue: how physical activity helps to solve business problems |

Leonid Kasatkin

Sports to help: how physical activity helps to solve business problems; Famous entrepreneurs talk about the role of sport in their lives; Few of the entrepreneurs manage to avoid stress, overload, hours of vigil in front of a computer monitor and other unhealthy factors that accompany the difficult work of the head of the company.

Sports to help: how physical activity helps to solve business problems

Few of the entrepreneurs manage to avoid stress, overload, many hours of vigil in front of a computer monitor and other unhealthy factors that accompany the difficult work of the head of the company. One option is to keep yourself in good physical – and moral! – form is a sport. Successful practicing entrepreneurs talk about how physical activity helps to solve business problems.

Leonid Kasatkin, founder of Internet marketing service ReMarked ,
enjoys triathlon

Sport forms such important competencies for business as discipline, perseverance and endurance. Sport builds character and promotes positive thinking – without these qualities it is easy to burn out on a new project. And these are not some truths from a Soviet poster from a ski base, this is my own conviction.

For me, triathlon was a discovery – an ideal sport for businessmen. A multi-sport race is similar in pace, difficulty, and passion to the challenges that come in the way of every new project. August 7, 2016 I passed Half Ironman (a race consisting of three stages held without interruption – a 1.9 km swim, a 90 km road bike ride and a 21 km half marathon race – approx. editions) in Poland, and the very next day he spoke to IIDF experts.

Leonid Kasatkin

When preparing for Ironman, it took more than 10 hours a week to train, I had to work out at 6 am before work, and after 11 pm in the evening, running through dark streets with a flashlight. There were also 4 hour bike rides every weekend when there was less work. However, sport does not take time away from the business, but rather helps to find solutions to problems at work. I also use the time for training for self-study – I listen to audio lectures or books. The investment of time in sports always returns with success and self-confidence.

Alexey Irkov, Technical Director of the Altair Digital project,
enjoys crossfit, karate, airsoft

Sport develops the skill of achieving goals, it helps a lot in business. The more regularly I go in for sports, the easier it is both in work and in my personal life. In addition, any load entails the release of the hormone endorphin, which helps reduce stress and improve mood. So regular exercise helps me relax and restore energy.During training, you disconnect from worries, switch only to physical activity.

What sport is better to engage in – everyone decides for himself. In my opinion, if a person was not engaged in any sports, then Crossfit can be a good choice. In addition, I have been doing karate for six years. In fact, this is a sport with philosophy, and not about “wave fists”. The karate has its own philosophy of self -development through overcoming itself and constant improvement.

Alexey Irkov

In addition to solitary sports, which are taught to achieve the goal alone, it is useful to engage in command views. For me, this is a strikball that I started to engage in as a hobby, but then I realized that this is an exceptional team game. I had to learn to work in a team, which has been doing the third year for the third year.

Alexander Starostin, managing partner of the marketing platform FIRST DATA,
He is fond of swimming, kiting, skiing

For the entrepreneur, a sport is primarily useful, which has a great goal: for example, to run a marathon in New York or to cross Gibraltar. The goal immediately dictates to you the rules of the game. There is no doubt about the topic whether to get up at 6 in the morning, whether to run if it is raining, etc. Over time, there will be no choice in business – you need to achieve the goal, even if no one believes in you, at any cost, at any time of the day, often not in one year.

The most important thing that sport teaches me is to never give up. Often at long distances in swimming, I cursed everything in the world, but I knew for sure only one thing – I need to stay at all costs of another 100, 200, 300 meters, and a second wind will definitely open. The same in business: the battle did not end until you surrendered.

Alexander Starostin

I still remember my first skiing instructor, Austrian. Then I did not know how to ride and was the first time in the mountains. Standing on the slope in front of the fork, he said: “There are no green tracks on this slope, blue too. There are red and black – where do you think we will go? Everyone, of course, uncertainly said that he was red, but he, not thinking for a minute, led everyone in black. Three hours of mat and fear followed, which I had never experienced in my life, – the Austria Olympic team is trained on these slopes. At the fourth hour, the coach offered to work a little on equipment. A little, because everyone has already learned the most important survival lessons on the slope. In business, everything happens in about the same way – you immediately need to be able to stay on your feet, no matter how difficult the surrounding conditions.

Evgeny Kulikov, co -founder of the progressskard service,
He is fond of badminton, mini-football, cycling

Sports and life are two inextricable things. If you stop playing sports, I don’t want to do anything. You lose a tone, you cannot concentrate, overcome laziness, distracting your back pain.

To start playing sports, I recommend reading the book by Charles Dahigga “The Strength of Habit” and start doing exercises in the morning.You can start getting to work not by car, but on foot or by bike, so that this time you do not sit in the car, because it is pointless.

Evgeny Kulikov

In my opinion, the most useful sports for an entrepreneur are those that put pressure on the lumbar region. The most useful form is swimming, but this requires certain conditions. I myself play badminton, mini-football and cycling. I like to get to work by bike, run in the morning in the park. Badminton is a very intellectual and not traumatic sport, it has many techniques and techniques, it is available for any age. You can start playing at 50 and beat 20-year-olds only by honing your technique.

Sergey Kryuchkov, co-founder of the food delivery service Chibbis ,
enjoys basketball, weight training in the gym

I have been going to the gym since the age of 16 and before the creation of I worked out there for 8 years without pauses. Then, due to the launch of a business, training fell out of my life for two years, and as a result, the body reminded me that it lacked loads. I returned to the gym, threw off 6 kg, began to set myself diverse ambitious goals – to gain 10 kg of muscle mass in three months or burn 7 kg in the summer. Gradually, sports passion returned to me, and along the way it also applies to business.

The most important question is how to combine hard work and sports. By the evening it seems that you are tired, but mostly the head gets tired, not the body. And when you accept this fact, you easily go to the gym, and there the body gives out all the energy that has accumulated during the day.

Sergey Kryuchkov

So at 6-7 pm, when you are tired of selling, negotiating with investors and looking for growth points, you drink a pre-workout, and by the time you get to the gym, you are already torn apart, there are 15-20 minutes of running to warm up and start all the processes , and after that you intensively pull the iron so as not to cool down until the “battery” sits down. As a result, by 10 pm, taking into account the shower and dinner, you are already dead. And in the morning full of energy again.

Dmitry Bogdanchikov, co-founder of the Eczo.Bike project, is fond of triathlon

For startups, mobile sports will be useful, because most startups are in the IT industry, where you have to sit in a chair for a lot of time at the computer. I was doing bodybuilding, trying to gain muscle mass, but I lacked dynamics and movement. So I decided to focus on triathlon: it's swimming, which develops the whole body, cycling and running.

Sport makes it possible to set challenging goals and achieve them. The second thing any sport teaches is discipline and responsibility. When you have a fairly tight work and training schedule, you must be disciplined and forced to develop time management and planning skills. In addition, you learn to delegate authority. If you know that you have six workouts this week, then you should plan the processes in the company in advance and distribute them.

Dmitry Bogdanchikov

Another quality that sport teaches is the ability to endure hardships and deprivation. To drive 90 km on a bicycle and then run 20 km, you need to have very strong patience, inner strength and endurance. The same thing is in business-when you have a goal, sometimes it is very difficult and something does not work out, but you have to grit your teeth and try to complete the task.

And finally, if you play sports, you naturally strive to lead a healthy lifestyle, and as a result you can invest more forces in your business.