Voronezh marathon 2021

September 29, 2018. Amateurs and professionals, beginners and experienced run 42.2/21.1/10/3 km at the blocked center of the city! Take part in the Voronezh marathon 2018 – the most massive race. Run around the city with the whole city!

Without Kevordo

Athletes will be happy with your support! Help them cope with the test, becoming a volunteer of the Voronezh marathon 2021

Start and finish address

Admiralty Square

By car

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By public transport

Stop Admiralty Square

From the Soviet district: 23k, 33k, 70a, 20, 20m, 27k, 37, 50, 70m, 88, 88a, 312A.

Severny: 27k, 37, 49.

From the left -bank district: 1 ks, 125,125A, 366, 366d, 49, 49A.


Do you have any questions left or have wishes?
We will be happy to answer you.

Become a part of the sports history of the city! Such a grand event as the Voronezh International Marathon is impossible without the help of volunteers.

  • Registration of participants in the race
  • Coordinate the event (answer any questions of participants and guests of the event)
  • Provide assistance if necessary (the child has been lost, the guest's poor health)
  • Participation in the organization of the event
  • Support for the participants in the race (posters, cheering, chants)

If you have no experience with a volunteer, we will be happy to share our knowledge.