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Rise above the routine. The artists of the Voronezh Philharmonic showed a performance for the evacuated residents of the Donbass spectators dipped in the world of fairy tales at the temporary placement of the inhabitants of the DPR and LPR, Voronezh region evacuated to Russia. Voronezh.

Rise above the routine. The artists of the Voronezh Philharmonic showed a performance for the evacuated residents of Donbass

Rise above the ordinary. Artists of the Voronezh Philharmonic showed a performance for the evacuated residents of Donbass - https://riavrn.ru/

At the point of temporary placement of residents of the DPR and LPR, which is located in the sanatorium named after them. Gorky, the artists arrived on Friday, March 4. 133 people were settled here, including 49 children.

Eight artists of the Voronezh Philharmonic, together with the accompanist, showed the assembled a musical performance according to the motive of fairy tales Charles Perrault.

About how the inhabitants of the LDNR were equipped, in the material of RIA Voronezh.

«A couple of weeks and go home»

We met a 14-year-old gold from Donetsk in the lobby of the main building of the sanatorium named after Gorky and immediately recognized. We met her at the Voronezh-1 station on Sunday, February 20. Then she, together with her grandparents, and a 12-year-old sister, take the bus to the airport hotel.

– There for all places was not enough and we were sent here to the sanatorium. Gorky, ”the girl shared.

According to her, this “inconsistency” became a real happy case.

“There are excellent conditions, we live in double rooms, a Christmas tree around, many peers,” she smiled.

Everyone here already knows Zlata – this tall fair -haired girl has become indispensable. She even had a position – an administrator assistant. If someone has any household problems, it is right there. Spend, play with young children, convey something. And now she, along with new girlfriends from Makeevka and Gorlovka, wears domestic supplies – humanitarian help – to distribute to those in need.

-I am not bored here-all the time there is some business, but every evening of the event. That concert, then they twist the movie, – Zlata admitted.

According to the girl, she calls up with classmates. Someone left, and someone stayed at home, in Donetsk.

“They regret it now, because it’s restless now,” she sighed.

Zlata hopes not to linger in Voronezh: A couple of weeks and, I think, let's go home».

On the stage – the king and the queen. Lush outfits, sparkling crows, high -pairing speeches, slender voices. In the hall there are women in modest sweaters, with hair cleaned in the “tail” and children in “sports”. The baby reacts vividly. They whisper with mothers, guessing the characters of fairy tales. Crow out: Sleeping beauty! Puss in Boots! The performance lasts 45 minutes, like a regular lesson, so that no one is tired.

– We did not have the task of pedaling the military theme. On the contrary, we wanted to distract the guys, – admitted to RIA correspondent Voronezh Valentina Golovina is the artistic director of the musical and literary lecture hall of the Voronezh Philharmonic, which brought the artists here.

According to her, the Philharmonic actors hoped to please the children.

“We wanted our viewers to feel detached from the situation they were in. And most importantly – rise above the ordinary. For this first meeting of ours (I don't think it will be our last), we have chosen a fairy-tale theme. You can smile at a fairy tale, you can think, you can go into another fantasy world, where everything is not the same as in life. There you can try on someone else's role. For example, to feel like a princess or a king, to imagine that you decide the fate, – she noticed.

The program, which was shown to the residents of the DPR and LPR evacuated to Russia, was prepared back in 2018 – for the anniversary year of Charles Perrault. The famous stories of the storyteller were combined into a literary and musical performance.

“These fairy tales not only entertain, but also make people's lives brighter,” Valentina Golovina is sure.

One of the spectators in the hall was sitting during the performance with the camera phone turned on. On the other side of the screen was, apparently, her husband. She showed him what was happening in the hall and on the stage. It is not known what was in his reality, but for those few minutes he also plunged into a completely different world.

We try not to get discouraged

Elena Brezhneva from Donetsk ended up in Voronezh with her four children and her daughter-in-law in the process of being demolished.

– Daughter-in-law in the 7th month. Where to give birth will not even guess. We follow what is happening at home, we constantly watch the news, we are nervous, of course. We heard that looters go from house to house. Sad, the woman sighed. – I got a job in the local dining room to earn extra money, the money is running out. Children also help as much as possible – we try our best not to lose heart.

In Elena's hands are two heavy packages with humanitarian aid.

“We left for two or three days, quite lightly,” she admitted. “The shoes of the youngest son, Jan, were torn – then kind people gave him shoes, as well as warm clothes,” she shared.

According to her, in Voronezh everyone helps them – lawyers come, psychologists, and artists come.

– We left the house on February 19, it was not clear where they were taking us. The unknown was scary. But I think we are very lucky. Since February 20, we have been in Voronezh – there is a forest, nature, kind people. We have excellent conditions, excellent food. In addition, we are constantly entertained here – they do not let us feel sad. Although, of course, I really want to go home, – Elena admitted.

10-year-old Jan watched the performance with great pleasure.

– I like everything here, – the boy admitted, – I learned to play table tennis, I found new friends.

He also said that he dreams of becoming a builder: “So that when all this is over, rebuild a large and beautiful city that no one will ever bomb again».