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Since 2010, we have been updating this information on every morning and it has even become our hallmark. But times are changing and it makes no sense to write about it every morning anymore.

How to check the condition of the slopes in Krasnaya Polyana?

Since 2010, we have been updating this information on every morning, and this has even become our calling card. But times are changing and it no longer makes sense to write about it every morning. Why is that? There are now 3 resorts and 4 ski areas in our valley (Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana Resort (Gorki Gorod) and Gazprom, where Laura + Alpika is located). The resorts open at different times, and each of them has different slopes and lifts open from 8 am to 10-11, and during the day they can close and open according to the weather. And calls to avalanche rescuers and rescuers are no longer relevant today, as many cool online services have appeared!

Therefore, we decided to write detailed instructions on how to monitor the opening of slopes and lifts, as well as predict the work of resorts for the next day. And, of course, we will hand over all the sources of information about the open slopes of Krasnaya Polyana, which we ourselves use.

1. Weather the day before skiing. It must be viewed in advance in the application from the site In short, heavy snowfalls and sharp warming promise closed trails, while stable weather, sub-zero temperatures and good visibility usually portend good skiing. You can read more about the weather forecast here.

2. Of course, webcams. There is a website Sochi.Camera and we recommend downloading the mobile app for it. And here everything is logical: if in the morning there is excellent sunny weather, good visibility and sub-zero temperatures, then many trails should open. If there is heavy snow, fog at the top and nothing is visible on the webcams, then the upper slopes and the southern slopes will most likely be closed. There are a lot of cameras in the application, so we made convenient selection for each resort.

3. Instagram resorts. Each resort has an official account and in the morning they post a general skiing situation and a list of open slopes. Here they are: Rosa Khutor, Gazprom, Resort Krasnaya Polyana (former Gorki Gorod). Be sure to watch the stories: often there already at 8 – 8.30 you can see what will work in the morning. And Gazprom also puts out morning promotional codes for a discount.

4. Resort sites running tracks are shown online. Resort Krasnaya Polyana and Gazprom show an interactive route map. A feature of the Gorka Gorod website is that under the map you need to click on the “only working” button to refresh the page.

The Rosa Khutor website only shows a list of employees trails and ski lifts, which is quite difficult to understand for first-timers. Therefore, it is easier to use a telegram bot on Rosa.

5. Applications of resorts. In our opinion, so far it is convenient to use only the Gorki Gorod application for iPhone and Androidsince there is an online route scheme. Gazprom is still finishing its application, and the rose is frank worse than the previous one and it is inconvenient to use it.

6. The scheme of the tracks of the resort. If you are at least a little to study the scheme of the resort tracks before the trip, it will be much easier to use all of the above online services.

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8. Logic and common sense. These secret ingredients will always help you not to go after 12 to the southern slope of the rose, on which 17 km of tracks and one lift. Or in very warm weather, you should not buy ski pass on Laura, when zero can be at an altitude of 1,500 m. And in strong and fog, a set, it is logical that the top on the ridge is closed, and Gazprom Laura opened all the tracks because There are no such problems with high avalanche hazard.

We wish you good weather, at night large snowfalls, and during the day – the bright sun and good skiing!