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Bulava is one of the necessary attributes, which is very important to choose the right for the athlete. After all, incorrectly selected inventory can lead to the inconvenience of the execution of elements, as well as to abrasions and even injuries.

An indispensable attribute, which is a hallmark of this sport, is certainly a tape. It is very important to choose the right length, material, tape color.

The athlete’s tape is controlled using a special stick, which is made using special technology only a few manufacturers around the world.

Online store of goods for artistic gymnastics

The online store for rhythmic gymnastics Sport Professional has collected in its assortment all the best from the leading brands for those who are truly passionate about rhythmic gymnastics and strive to take the highest step of the pedestal.

All the best in one place!

Our company is the official distributor of Sasaki Sports Inc. and Chacott Co. LTD (Japan), as well as representatives of AMAA (Spain), Mondor (Canada), TJ Collection (China) and the best Russian manufacturers. We guarantee the authenticity of each product presented. There is everything for rhythmic gymnastics – clothes, shoes, accessories, equipment. It is important that the “arsenal” of the store is constantly replenished with the news presented in every season.

Together with us you will find confidence in your capabilities and incredible success in achieving the goals. Our product is not only the most fashionable, beautiful, having laconic design, but also the most comfortable, made using the latest technologies and developments.

Look? To order? You are welcome!

In our online store you can buy goods for rhythmic gymnastics by applying for a preliminary application. In the nearest time, the goods will be with you! For those who want to see the goods with their own eyes and make sure of its high quality, we offer to visit a store for rhythmic gymnastics in Moscow at the address: Comrade Lane, house 17. There are always selected goods for rhythmic gymnastics to achieve higher goals!