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Main page of the site Vprognoze ru (Vprognoze ru)

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Ingnosis ru (VPROGNOZE RU) Reviews about the project

The site is a web portal of betting topics, which serves as a platform for publishing and selling forecasts. Therefore, the project attracts a huge number of, both good kapers and ordinary “priests”, who make bets on everything, without analyzing the upcoming match, but wanting to earn money.

Having created an account on forecasters publish free bets, earning their own reputation and reviews. Demonstrating a stable cross -country ability, the analyst puts forecasts for sale, receiving payments from visitors to the site in an inastition.

Using the resource in an inventory, the player receives relevant information about sports events, monitors the account of matches in real time, and also participates in discussions at the web forum on the link. The site is made in pleasant dark blue colors, a mobile version is functioning, and a mobile application for Android and iOS is available.

Main page of the site Vprognoze ru (Vprognoze ru)

The main page of the site in the same way (VPROGNOZE ru)

Sections of the site in the RU (VPROGNOZE RU) and its structure

The main page of the site consists of the following sections:

  • Profi players. Ordinary forecasts for football, hockey, basketball and volleyball from site forecasters.
  • Analysis of the game in an ingonosis. Forecasts of an automated program.
  • Expresses. Express type bets from analysts.
  • Robobet Day bets. The tab publishes the forecasts of the robot analyzing the latest meetings and statistics of playing teams and selecting the forecast.
  • Paid forecasts. Section with paid services of project analysts, discussion of announcements, information about prices.
  • Player rating. The table of the site forecasters, the leading places of which are occupied by crapers with better statistics.
  • Bookmakers rating. At the top of the list there are bookmakers that pay money for the overwhelming customers in annexes, which means that it should not be trusted.

RU (VPROGNOZE ru) tournaments

The project in an ingonosis project conducts tournaments among capers organized with the direct support of partner bookmakers. The winner of the tournament, in addition to the main prize, receives a good reputation, thanks to which, subsequently will sell paid forecasts.

To participate in the tournament, the player needs to comply with all the conditions, as a rule, this is the deposit to the account of the bookmaker, or bets on a certain amount. The prize fund of competitions reaches 50 thousand rubles, and it is proposed to take part in them to any registered user.

TOP-tops in the RU (VPROGNOZE ru)

This category publishes matches most popular among capers. Top-tops are, as a rule, football matches of the largest European competitions, such as the Champions League or the Europa League.In addition to the predictions themselves, the section contains statistics for each of the presented matches, as well as, if available, a link to the video broadcast.

The section is formed based on the number of bets placed on a particular match. The greatest interest among subscribers is the matches of English teams – Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal.

Game analysis Vprognoze ru (Vprognoze ru)

This section includes forecasts of an automated program that monitors the movement of odds, the state of teams and players. However, you should not assume that the program will do the rough work, after which it will issue a high-quality forecast. The program only analyzes the line of matches and information about injuries in the team, being only an auxiliary tool in making a forecast. The program contains 3 types of game analysis:

  • Victory. (If the team shows good results, the graph goes up, if they lose, it goes down)
  • Totals.
  • Team home and away games.

The system will help in making a decision, but will not make a forecast for you.

Analysis of games on the site Vprognoze ru (Vprognoze ru)

Analysis of games on the site Vprognoze ru (Vprognoze ru)

Tennis Vprognoze ru

In the Tennis Forecast section, the following information is available to the player:

  • Event time. Sorting by match start time is available.
  • Type of tennis and coverage – women's or men's, Hard or IndoorHard, Clay (red soil) or Grass (grass).
  • The city in which the match takes place.

For each of the tennis matches, the number of predictions made by Forebet cappers is indicated and statistics of personal meetings is available. Robobet is an artificial intelligence forecasting algorithm in which the robot analyzes various factors and determines the probability of a particular outcome. In addition to betting on tennis, a section of table tennis is also available on the Vprognoz website.

Basketball Vprognoze ru (Vprognoze ru)

When choosing a match to bet on basketball, the client chooses:

  • Statistics of a specific game day.
  • Championship, tournament tables are available, from the National Basketball Association to the Asian leagues.
  • Season. Information is available about each of the seasons for the last 10 years.

Popular in the basketball section are bets from Forecast forecasters on the National Basketball Association and the EuroLeague.

Volleyball Vprognoze ru

The Volleyball section on the Vprognoz website is sorted into:

  • Divisions. Information is available even on African tournaments.
  • League.
  • Women's and men's.

Volleyball predictions from professionals Vprognoz are published exclusively before the start of the match, mainly for European tournaments and South Korean championships.

Football Vprognoze ru

In the most popular football section on the website, the player receives the following information:

  • Game day statistics.
  • League and Championship.
  • Division or Cup.
  • series of matches.

The most popular among the readers of Vprognoz are the forecasts for today for the line of the championship of England, Spain, France, League 1, as well as Serie A.The European and Championship of Europe and the World stand apart.

Hockey in an inagnose ru (VPROGNOZE RU)

Fans of hockey on the site in general receive the following auxiliary information for the selection of the bet:

  • Hockey League.
  • The country of the competition.
  • A specific group and tournament.

Ingunence experts are bets mainly on the main hockey competitions – the Continental Hockey League (KHL) and the National Hockey League (NHL, NHL), as well as the highest and youth hockey league (VHL and MHL). Forecasts for today VPROGNOZE are added during the day.

In addition to hockey on ice, a resource in annexes are added in a hockey rates with a ball (Bendy).

PRO forks in the RU (VPROGNOZE RU)

On the site in an ingunosis, there is a search service for forks – disagreements in the lines of bookmakers, making bets on which, regardless of the outcome of the meeting, will remain in the “plus”. Next to each of the events, a specific percentage of earnings is indicated, which using a special calculator of forks is counted.

The service works with a line of 64 bookmakers, respectively, the user must have accounts in each of them. Filters of ordinary and Polish corridors are available in the settings. Access to secret forks is paid, payment systems Visa Mastercard, Qiwi Wallet, WebMoney, SprayPay, RBK Money and Yandex.Money are accepted for payment.

The results of lives in the RU (VPROGNOZE RU)

VPROGNOZE.RU has a section of live results, in which, the account of the matches changes in real time. The service broadcasts about 500 championships and cups, and video broadcast is provided for some of the events. The visitor selects games for tracking and receives notifications about changing the account to his computer or smartphone. Live results are available for the following sports:

  • Football and football.
  • Basketball.
  • Tennis and table tennis.
  • Hockey and Bendy.
  • Billiards.
  • Boxing and struggle.
  • Volleyball.
  • Handball.
  • ESports.
  • Rugby.
  • Golf.

Forum in an ingonosis ru (VPROGNOZE RU)

On the forum in an ingunite, visitors to the site communicate in special discussions, or create new topics on their own. Only registered participants can leave messages on the forum. The forum discuss the upcoming match, the forecast from the capper of the resource or the success of the strategy. In addition, in specially designated topics, Cappers are allowed to sell forecasts.

Participants in discussions are prohibited from using obscene expressions and insult other players, create repeated topics and impose paid services. In the case of a systematic violation of the rules, the visitor’s account is blocked forever. The order on the forum is monitored by the security service of the web portal.

Forum on the site Vprognoze ru (Vprognoze ru)

Forum on the site in the RU (VPROGNOZE RU)

The main goal of the ingunosis of the ru (VPROGNOZE RU) is forks

Like all resources with forecasts, in an inventory is a commercial project that earns money by selling access to the fork service and placing banners of illegal bookmakers on the main page of the site.Unlike other projects, VPROGNOZE is silent about the availability of paid services, claiming the provision of forks for free.

In fact, the cost of access to forks is:

  • Prematch VIP – 274 rubles per day, 1890 rubles per week, 6371 rubles per month.
  • Live VIP – 480 rubles per day, 3425 rubles per week, 10686 rubles per month.
  • Prematch+Live VIP – 754 rubles per day, 5206 rubles per week and 16166 rubles per month.

Free, the user receives forks no more than 2%, which is almost impossible to earn on, especially without a solid bank. Everyone who decides to start playing on forks should understand that this requires at least a few tens of thousands of rubles, otherwise the profit will be penny.

However, judging by the reviews of users who purchased VPRognoze forks, stable earnings only in statistics on the site, in reality, it is simply impossible to have accounts in all bookmakers, most of which, instantly cuts bets or completely block accounts. It is worth noting that most of the bookmakers are illegal, which means that the account is blocked with suspicious activity, and without explanation.

We recommend that bets are exclusively with trusted bookmakers working for more than a year and officially registered.

Sports forecasts from

The site has its own rating of kapers publishing forecasts for sports. The list is reset every month, as a result of which the rating leaders receive money in their account in the partner bookmaker. The profitability of a calf is calculated on the basis of the average coefficient of the published forecasts for sports, the ratio of “pluses” and “minuses” and the percentage of income from the initial bank.

Project analysts publish bets on football, tennis, basketball and hockey. A prerequisite for adding a forecast is the presence of a description. However, most of the capers do not pay any attention to the analysis, simply adding obvious facts to the description, like “Manchester United regularly wins on Haiberi” or “the United States of America – the favorite of the World Cup”. Such an analytics equates the process of analyzing the match with the tossing of the Eagle-Rush coin.

In addition to the players' rating, the VPROGNOZE sport service is conducting a personal top of bookmakers. The leading places are even unknown to the player of the office, such as Mega-Pari and Vodds. Accordingly, the rating is biased and is nothing more than an additional advertisement for partner bookmakers, for the transition to the site of which, the resource administration receives payments.

We do not advise you to trust unknown bookmakers without familiarizing yourself with the reviews of their activities, you risk not getting your funds back, not to mention profit.

Reviews of Capers in the forecast of the ru (V Prognoze ru)

Each of the forecasters of the service, has a personal profile in which all users leave reviews and comments about the results of cooperation with the caper.The top 5 rating is occupied by the Cappers Alexander Marfin, Gron, Copperman, Sportwin and Willy Wonka. It is these analysts that are most popular among visitors and demonstrate better statistics.

However, judging by the reviews of buyers, even representatives of this five demonstrate very mediocre results, only units managed to “recapture” money for subscription, the rest, unfortunately, lost, draining the bank. In the profile of each calfere, a bookmaker is indicated, along the line of which it works, you have to choose exclusively from the list of partner bookmakers.

You can thank the calfer on voluntary grounds by sending a donat on the details indicated in the profile.

Appendix in the PROGNOZE ru forecast

To access from a mobile phone, the user needs to download the application, or use the mobile version of the site in an inventory. Smartphones based on Android and iOS can download the mobile application, and for owners of the first, 2 versions are available – basic and expanded, including special functions, such as the section of tournaments and adding forecasts.

You can download the installation file, you can in Play Market and Apple Store by going to the account, the user gets access to all the functionality of the VPROGNOZE website. For installation, a version of Android is required at least 4.0 and iOS not lower than 10.0. You can use the application and analyze statistics even in offline mode, however, an active online connection to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet is required to download forecasts.

Appendix V forecast ru (V prognoze ru)

Appendix in the PROGNOZE ru forecast

Reviews of an ingunosis (

Reviews of visitors about the activities of the web portal are extremely ambiguous. On the one hand, the site provides free of forecasts for sports and various statistics of matches, and also publishes useful articles of Betting topics. On the other hand, reviews about paid services provided by the resource in an inagine, mostly negative. Buyers of subscriptions for forks and robobet, according to the results of cooperation, were unhappy, it was not possible to increase their own bank.

Like most of the Betting themes, collaborates with bookmakers, whose annoying pop -up banners have repeatedly complained visitors to the site in an From positive points, we note the ability to conduct our own blog, and subsequently sell forecasts.

However, the leading positions of the Capper rating, judging by the reviews, are occupied by employees who regularly “draw” statistics and will not succeed in the TOP for the simple mortal. The reviews that are published in the profile of the best capers in an inventory differ from those that real users leave on thematic resources, which means that they are fake.

Conclusion on an inagnosis ( and service forecasters daily publish hundreds of bets on various sports. However, during the years of the service, it was not possible to find a single stable capper, and it is precisely the work at the distance that is important in the rates for sports.The resource provides its own surebets search program, however, to use the full functionality of the system, they offer it exclusively for money, and a lot of it.

And judging by the reviews, the high cost of a subscription is not justified in any way, it will not be possible to achieve real earnings with the help of surebets from, because it is physically impossible to register in 64 bookmakers. And the statistics published on the site itself is achieved just at the expense of little-known bookmakers, who deliberately inflate quotes to attract users, after which they cancel the bet without explanation.