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Alexander Serov

The success of Alexander Serov’s success, Alexander Serov, fascinates the female audience, and the image causes respect among the male. He never made popularity on scandals and provocations, and his

The success story of Alexander Serov

The voice of Alexander Serov fascinates the female audience, and the image – causes respect among the male. He never made popularity on scandals and provocations, and his songs always spoke for him better than himself. He will be recognized from the first notes and chords. A talented, bright, charismatic singer and composer.

Alexander Serov

Alexander I got to the musical Olympus by the will of a happy occasion. Despite the fact that he does not have new clips and is not twisted on TV, he is still recognizable and loved, thanks to a successful coincidence. But lucky is the strongest and talented. The boy from the Ukrainian village of Kovalevka, Nikolaev region, could not dream that he would burst into Moscow and conquer the capital. Alexander grew up in an ordinary family, in no way connected with creativity. Music, the future master became interested in at school. These were the usual samples of the pen in the school orchestra. Already Serov He was distinguished by originality – he decided to study at a music school in the Clarnet class. Family classes Alexandra approved, but did not insist on special education.

There were no singers especially. They hummed – yes, they loved songs and music, as in every Soviet family, but I didn’t have such professional people who would give me a push. Therefore, I am glad that even in genetics, by mother, my father, if something was hooked on me, probably this is a great happiness that I developed myself as an executor.

Alexander Serov

Another person who helped Serov The singer began to decide on dreams Tom Jones. At the age of 15 AlexanderAs usual, he twisted the wheel of his favorite radio and accidentally hit the Romanian radio station. Magic, courageous, velvet baritone Tom Jones He made the young man understand what he wants and can sing as well. The voice from the receiver pierced through. “Love me tonight” rushed from there.

It is now Alexandra Serova called Russian Tom Jones, and then he first accidentally heard the future idol. After 25 years, two celebrities met. The Russian singer came to the concert of the western star.

Thanks to Alik, Dosman, who was the producer of his concerts in Russia 10 years ago, he invited me to a banquet, where Tom Jones was honored. And I even have photos with him, shook his hand. For me, of course, it was euphoria that I communicate with such a giant and sitting at the same table. I thank him for being, that he is still in demand, God forbid him health! And I feel happy when I listen to Tom Jones.

Alexander Serov

For Tom Jones The meeting took place at sunset. U Alexandra Serova from acquaintance with the repertoire of the legend, the creative path began. Unlike many colleagues, the singer never hid his admiration and did not take offense at comparisons with Jones.

I did not go the way of Pink Floyd, Beatles, Rolling Stones, like all the youth there, they tried to cling a guitar to their shoulders and play something on the streets. I immediately plunged into this present, and when I was already entering the school, I learned to play the piano, began to pick up his melodies, and took out his record. Without a doubt, he influenced the course of my perceptions, even the timbre, although nature is nature. There was a copy, and then it turned out that along with the copy, something of its own appeared.

So still a teenager Alexander decided on the choice of profession, especially since the voice data was more than suitable. However, fame and popularity were still far away. In the future, the famous musician went to the Navy and served on a cruiser for 2 years. A few diplomas and award watches are not the only thing left Serov from the army.

Alexander Serov

Service in the ranks of the Navy, of course, gave a lot. This is willpower, fortitude, a sense of comradeship, a sense of camaraderie. Some very decent stuff. They helped me as much as they interfere, because sincerity sometimes goes too far, and in our cruel world of show business it is quite difficult. But I can’t overstep the line, some decent things, and I don’t like to curry favor with the viewer somehow, look for some forms so that he pays attention to you.

Service in the Navy did not prevent him from simultaneously participating in the orchestra of the officers' house. But their own attempts to break into the stage were unsuccessful. Universal recognition was ahead. One meeting changed everything. Serov Then he worked as a pianist in a restaurant. I came to Nikolaev from Kirovograd to study at the Institute of Culture Igor Krutoy.

We worked together in a restaurant. Youth friendship. Together we dreamed of one day getting to Moscow, together we dreamed of becoming someone, getting into international competitions.

Talent, desire to break through, friendship closely intertwined destinies Alexandra Serova and Igor Krutoy. Although there, in Ukraine, they failed to succeed. The time has not come. The composer left for Moscow, the singer remained in Ukraine. And just a few years later Serov, realizing that you need to move on, left the Philharmonic and went to Russia. Despite friendship, immediately to Igor Krutoy he didn't go. Like everything in the life of a singer, everything happened spontaneously.

Igor Krutoy and Alexander Serov

We met again in Moscow by chance. Why are you sitting, I say, doing nothing? Let's try to write everything in a new way, and I'll try to sing, maybe we'll succeed. And somehow frivolously to this, he says: “No, it’s all useless!” In other words, I was a bit pessimistic. But I woke him up, spun him to the fact that: come on, I say, try to pee, I will make arrangements, something might work out. And it turned out, we made 5-6 songs, of course, Madonna was the flagship.

Creative duet Krutoy-Serov It has become super-successful and popular. A real, brutal, talented handsome man appeared on the stage. No one has heard such a voice and such songs. Together they created many hits. Steep wrote Serov Performed. Tandem brought good luck to both.

“Madonna” was written for him, “Wedding music”, “You love me”, “How to be”, “I love you to tears” – all these songs were written specifically for him and under his image, under his timbre unique. And, probably, thanks to his performance, they are still alive.

Igor Krutoy

Cooperation with Igor cool it was successful, so new authors Serov I did not look and almost no one cooperated with anyone else. There were few exceptions. Successful – even less. A long -standing acquaintance with the composer Igor Nikolaev For a long time did not give creative fruits. There were many reasons.

We did not have any tandem, because he himself, firstly, sang, and secondly, I talked with steeply, from the point of view of ethics it was ugly to dive somewhere to another composer to write songs. And so we just talked, and then, 10 years later, he wrote poetry, the cool wrote a song – “I love you to tears”, which lives to this day.

These hits are still alive. But the success of K. Serov Came a little earlier. By accident, but deserved. In 1987, the singer was delegated from the USSR at the Intertalant International Competition in Prague. Having overcome hard selection in the Union, Serov He dreamed of conquering the international jury. He had a great desire with himself, faith in his strength and songs Igor Krutoy. Everything seemed in the hands of the singer, the case intervened.

I went to the competition. We arrived at the airport, we have incredible weather. We are waiting for one day, at that moment a competition began in Czechoslovakia. And the second day the plane is also delayed, the second round has also passed, and I am no longer going anywhere. In the end, those who accompanied me still decided that we were going just like that. And when I arrived there, they told me, well, rest a little, you will speak like a guest.

Certainly, Alexander Serov I was not driving to speak like a guest. Due to the inability to participate, the singer fell in despair. Resentment overwhelmed him, but he decided to rehearse him to simply sing well and remember the audience.

Alexander Serov

I gathered all the forces accumulated for the injustice that happened to me, and plus my, maybe the drive that is in me, my character, strength of spirit, willpower, played that key role. When I went to rehearsals and sang as, you know, probably, I can never sing like that, it happens once in my life. The producer of the competition ran up immediately and says: “That's it, you are participating in the third round, there are 7 out of 20 performers left, try it.” And now I go out onto the stage in the evening, and in the clip of 7 performers I sang well, to such an extent that I was enough to win the Grand Prix.

He was applauded by the presidential orchestra, colleagues recognized him with the Russian volume of Jones. A pleasant bonus became 20 thousand rubles, which Serov To joy, he distributed and spent on his clothes.Victory Alexandra came as a surprise to everyone. Name Alexandra Serova the whole country knew. In the same year, in the popular television program Before and After Midnight by Vladimir Molchanov video clip premiered Madonna. Many consider it even the first Russian video clip. But the real revolution Serov did by inviting to participate in another of his clips Do you love me beauty Irina Alferova. It was the idea of ​​the singer himself. For the first time, a professional actress starred in a music video.

Alexander Serov

Irina Ivanovna Alferova played a key role, because her beauty, her appearance, her meekness helped to perceive this song, which also lives to this day. The video was filmed in 1991. She is still asked at concerts. It's nice that Irina Ivanovna Alferova helped me remember it better in this clip and perceive it better.

The image of a courageous, strong hero won the hearts of all women. Serov called the singer of love, because almost all of his songs are about a great feeling. The singer himself has already found his happiness. He has a wonderful daughter Sasha. Whether she will follow in her father's footsteps is still unknown, but if anything, dad will help.

Contrary to rumors, at his concerts Alexander Serov performs not only old, time-tested hits. Over the years, the singer has released more than one album. Fans have been waiting for the last creation of Serov for 5 years, a couple of years ago the disc Endless Love was released. He rarely gives interviews and appears on TV, he does not like the hype around his name and has been living with his family in the country for several years. But his concerts are certainly sold out, and albums become a sensation. He combines the incongruous, Igor Krutoy believes.

They don’t film anywhere, they don’t record anything so new. He neither shoots clips, nor runs around radio stations to play his songs, but collects sports palaces, collects the largest halls. And he is still in demand with each of his songs.

The image created Serov on stage, unique. Neither before nor after his appearance on stage did the public see such a singer. Until now, he has no competitors.

Alexander Serov

There was no singer who could replace him in order to become the same social phenomenon for women: brother, husband, lover, father, grandfather, and son.

Myself Alexander Serov speaks reluctantly about his role in art. Modest and reasonable, he does not show off and does not play. Its popularity is not momentary, and success is not overnight. Perhaps that is why he behaves on and off stage like a real man. Since they taught him in the Navy. Maybe this is the secret of his success.

I don't know if I'm a successful person or not. I can't get everything right. I am scattered – music, singing and I am like an administrator who knows how to create and build. I don't like these fake events, I like everything to be clean and transparent. God forbid that it would not be worse.And now I just ask the Almighty to give me strength to overcome barriers and obstacles.