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Irbis vj

Reviews of the owners of Irbis VJ / Irbis vj

Irbis vj

Irbis vj

I will say as a beginner from scratch. The motorcycle of its money is worth it, and maybe it is exactly as much as it is in it. Trips around the city, racing at traffic lights against vases and going to nature on dry ground. Somehow I got into the rain on the lane, the front wheel Irbis vj got up with a stake due to the fact that the earth was drowning under the wing. It is not an option to clean, after 50 meters it clogs again. Only with the wing removed and the option I am an endurist, all in a swamp. The next season, the Dalnyak plans for 3,500 kilometers in one direction. If you go alone, then there is enough space on the saddle under the thing, together it will be a “hardcore”.

Advantages : appearance. Vigorously accelerates. Until it was particularly broken. Price.

disadvantages : it is hard to say.

IRBIS VJ, 2012

A little “killed” a motorcycle for this season, a 2600 mileage for 2-3 months, taking into account the running-in. The front brakes burst (guides in the separator, because he slowed down with the front with the passenger). The suspension of IRBIS VJ has sagged greatly, now the return is strong, I will have to adjust, I don’t know how. The chain stretched so that it clicks and will have to be changed the next season (stretched almost maximum). After the fall, the steering wheel took the campaign, because When I turn to the full, the corner rests on the tank. Still, because The motorcycle lifted the passenger pens – one burst, or rather a mount. The LEDs refused the front, campaign with the relay something. Also replaced: muffler, front light, candle, the number burst, turn signals. The tires were erased so that in corners it brings and floods on its side (if I go more than 30 km). Due to the fact that I set up a straightforward flow, I don’t see the speed above 115, with it alone. The oil leaks, where the forks are on the steering wheel, and this is inevitable. Every day I change something, somewhere twisting, pulling up, adding, etc. China is China. PS IRBIS VJ has a lot, I have listed only the disadvantages that I faced exclusively.

Advantages : inexpensive in price and repairs. Rides.

disadvantages : every day small breakdowns.

IRBIS VJ, 2014

I had earlier from 99th to 2007, first Izh Jupiter 5, then Java 350, and this year I spun in one place, I again wanted a motorcycle, let my wife drive, by the way, my wife herself picked me up. And since I was not going to spend any serious amount on the toy, the choice fell on IRBIS VJ. Bought for 61,000 rubles. So, let's get down. The jambs were already identified: he took the keys to the store, and not in vain, immediately pulled the traction of the gear shifts, both counter -hawks were not twisted at all. On the first fifty km, he discovered that the cataphs on a fork (shifting) were beaten on glasses, was cured by a wolf bracket 180 degrees. The saddle was hooked on three of four fangs, respectively, the fourth fang lay on his own bracket, bent under my weight, and wanted to break, but I did not give him, he eliminated the bend of the fang with the help of a construction hair dryer and mounted the seat as it should.What I like: with my height of 173 cm, landing on the IRBIS VJ is quite comfortable, in the evening I go home almost through the whole of St. Petersburg for almost an hour, and even without a habit I don’t get tired. The motorcycle is light – it forgives minor sins in management. The brakes are not bad at all. The engine is more than enough for one passenger. I don’t like it: it’s even annoying – these are mirrors, as I didn’t set up, except for the elbows, I can’t see anything, I turn my head 270 degrees, I need to change it. The level of vibration from the engine could be smaller. Yes, and the gear ratio of the transmission, something is wrong with it, you go into fifth gear at 5000 rpm, at a speed of 70 km / h and you want to turn on the sixth one more.

Advantages : easy. Forgives mistakes. Frisky. Good brakes.

disadvantages : mirrors. Vibrations from the engine.

IRBIS VJ, 2014

Bought IRBIS VJ for 42000 with mileage 5300. The owner is a normal guy and it is clear that he loved and cared for the technique. It was scary to drive home at night on the mechanics, but I managed. Three, Karl, three times I met the DPS, but fortunately they were not interested, although my piloting style was extremely peculiar. I suffered a lot, it was unrealistic to catch a neutral speed, it was extremely inconvenient to switch gears, and it seemed that the clutch was a little lacking. And yes, the battery is dead, but for this the owner threw off 2000, everything is fair. In general, when I got to work today, dirty, but happy, I adjusted the clutch and gearbox foot for myself, and did not find any more problems. Everything is licked and serviced, everything is twisted, nothing is torn off. After my Thunder, even with a variator, of course it goes. I accelerated to 90, there was still a lot of stock, but it became scary, and the road ended. The brakes on the IRBIS VJ are decent. Well, then, as the operation, we'll see what and how it will be. I'm happy so far.

Advantages : maneuverability. Brakes. It rides great for its cubic capacity.

disadvantages : China.

IRBIS VJ, 2013

So I became the owner of IRBIS VJ. Bought for 59950. Before that, there was a pit bike. Izhi and Voskhod do not take into account. Bought assembled and distilled in his city. Immediately at the store, when I drove out to the parking lot, I noticed a suspicious sound in the engine in the 3500-4000 rpm range. Such a dull metallic knock, similar to when the liners turn in the car due to oil starvation. Perhaps this is a feature of the operation of this engine model, I don’t know, but this sound does not let me sleep peacefully. I had something similar on Izha, when I put in a new piston, when it overheated, it began to seize, and the piston pin knocked. I appeal to the owners of vehicles with the FMM165 engine, how does your engine behave in this rev range? Now the mileage is only 130 km and everything will probably get used, but the question is whether to go for MOT. Dealer 100 km. MOT for 300 km. Somehow the toad strangles to go to change the oil for 1200 rubles. Again, I don’t want to fly off the guarantee, in case the sound “gets out”. To know or listen to other engines, maybe I would have calmed down. I can service the bike myself with pleasure. At least you'll be confident in the technique.I also liked the control of the air damper on the steering wheel. No need to lean and poke in the bowels. Now the motorcycle starts perfectly without covering the damper. I drew attention to the build quality. Trings and hoses are laid so that they take a non -natural position. I will take care and redo everything in my own way. Behind the headlight there is a huge bunch of wires. Their lengths are clearly with a margin. On the go, IRBIS VJ is very obedient, perfectly controlled.