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Without Kevordo

Since November 18, 2019, the Central City Department of Postal Communications (hereinafter referred to as the OPS) No. 7 on Kozlova Street, 31 temporarily suspended the service of the population in connection with the overhaul of the building. And he apologizes to the residents of the city for temporary inconvenience.

The Soligorsky regional postal unit of the Minsk branch of the RUE Belpochta also explains the nuances of changes in work in connection with the repair. Thus, the central mail reassures the population of Soligorsk and the Soligorsky district, what to receive postal services (payment of pensions/benefits, receipt/payment of transfers, receiving mail, subscription design, etc.), you can pay utility and other payments in any post office of our city .

But the point of issuing postal items and a business mail on Kozlov Street 31 will work, as usual. Serving the postmen of streets and houses assigned to the OPS No. 7 will also not change.

Contact phone for certificates 312985, 312370.

The functions and operating mode of the central department of communication are transferred to the post office No. 6, at the address: Soligorsk, 40 Kozlova St. (opposite the Terem restaurant). Customer service will be carried out daily without lunch and weekends:

-Monday Snowbot from 9:00 to 20:00
– Sunday from 9:00 to 16:00.