Table tennis betting strategies

Take out the matches of approximately equal rivals.

The average total for such a match is 18.5. Make a bet on TB points in a party in a coefficient of about 2.00. If you put in liva, relieve when one of the tennis players goes forward in the account, and the coefficient will become more than 2.00. If the bet does not come in, start catching up with the next batch. As soon as the bet goes, do not put it on this match anymore. Be sure to see the broadcast of the game, because if one of the tennis players will confidently win, it makes no sense to put on the TB.

Take out the matches of the favorite against an outsider at a maximum coefficient for a favorite 1.35. The coefficient for an outsider should be from 3.00 and above. Usually TM 18.5 is suitable, this means that an outsider should score no more than seven points, which is quite real.

If the favorite lost the party or was total more than 18.5, TM can again be put on the next batch of these rivals. Often, for the sake of victory in one batch, an outsider is completely laid out, after which it loses the following. If the coefficients are in the range of 1.70–2.00, you do not need to use a catch, put 5% of the bank.

Victory in the party with the handicap

If the first tennis player reached 10 points in the party, and the second one lags behind three points or more, then with a high probability in the next draw the first tennis player will win the party. The calculation that the lagging tennis player will save strength to the next batch and give way.

The minimum handicap on the favorite (-2.5) can be put on such a head start with 1.50 coefficients. Change the value of the handicap depending on the account: handicap (-2.5) with a score of 10: 8, handicap (-3.5) with a score of 10: 7, handicap (-4.5) with a score of 10: 6.

If the bet did not go, put the same bet in the next batch. When choosing matches, exclude the games of tennis players who always fight to the end, because in this case the strategy will not work.

Betting on a player

You can put on the playing the favorite in the party and in the match.

In the party

The calculation that the favorite will play to the end of the party. Stay when an outsider breaks away by 3-4 points at the beginning or in the middle of the party.Before the match, the bookmaker gives a coefficient for a favorite about 1.30-1.50, and after separating an outsider of four points, the coefficient increases to 1.80-1.90. For such coefficients, you can already put it.